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ROH: Glory By Honor II - 9/20/2003 in Philadelphia, PA

***Colt Cabana is backstage talking about his upcoming Four Corners Survival match tonight. “Why is it a big match? Because it has major ramifications. That’s big words coming out of Colt Cabana’s mouth.” Colt says he wants to be in the ROH Top 5 Ranking System and also has a major surprise in store tonight. Cabana closes the segment by making goofy faces at the camera. Damn it, Cabana would be gold in the WWE as a member of John Cena’s posse. To me it would be like the Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards were for Raven back in ECW and to this day I mark out for them because of that.

***Cut to Dan Maff, who is apparently at his house and is wearing a neck brace. The Assassin talks about the first Glory By Honor and finds himself with “hate in his heart” for Low Ki because of his part in Maff’s current physical condition. Maff said he had a pinched nerve in his neck and was suffering from post concussion syndrome, which we all know causes you to do back flips according to Teddy Hart. Maff gives props to Christopher Daniels and says he is, “Everything a leader should be.” The Assassin says he will have more to say later as he holds up a cell phone and claims he will be in constant contact with fellow Prophecy member Allison Danger.

Not for nothing, but I just saw that Nike commercial that has Lance Armstrong as a boxer along with Brian Urlacher and Michael Vick as NHL players. I might hate that company more than any on Earth as far as their effects on society but god damn do they do great commercials.

***Quick shot of Low-Ki who just says a few words about honor and we cut to a Memories at the Murphy Center clip which highlights a Three Way Match between Low-Ki, the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and the Albino Dragon from 2/23/02. I now have to somehow find a way to watch this match as one of the highlights had this great part in which Daniels was on his knees while Low-Ki and the American Dragon were fighting over the best way to stiff kick the guy, “No! you do it like THIS~!” Brilliant! This was followed up by a stiff kick from both, one to The Fallen Angel’s chest and one to his back, simultaneously. And here people thought The Passion was hard to watch because of the violence. Late in the match Low-Ki hit this move called called the Twisting Phoenix which is THE GREATEST F---ING MOVE IN THE HISTORY OF WRESTLING. Wow!

***FINALLY! A promo for ROH’s Top Five Ranking system. Before this it was just cheap graphic thrown up on the screen like an old AWA show listing the Top Five. This time there was music and each person in the top 5 got a quick clip of action after his number came on the screen. A tremendous improvement and I hope this wasn’t a one time thing.

(1) BJ Whitmer beat Jimmy Rave in a Field of Honor match. Before the match they had a clip of BJ hitting the heavy bag with that great “FoH Stat Graphic”. I’m glad that is back because it is a great touch that reminds you what bracket these guys are in, their record, and fun stuff like their ROH debut match. Jimmy Rave’s graphic came up and it segued to AJ Styles coming over to Rave and telling him to work on Whitmer’s arm right away to set up for Rave’s Crossface finisher. Hold on a second, CM Punk is now announcing with Chris Lovey! For God’s sake, two of my complaints with the ROH DVD’s have already been erased and the first match hasn’t even started. Lovey and Punk are absolutely a blast to listen to, maybe too good as they take away from the action in the ring in that I’m more interested in what they are saying. Punk explains the FoH by saying, “It’s like the Japanese game where wins and losses don’t matter.” This caused Lovey to have a fit as he yelled, “What are you talking about?! It’s all about wins and losses!” Punk also ripped on Whitmer the entire match and reminded me a lot of when Jerry Lawler used to do great material during Bret Hart’s matches on RAW. He said Whitmer, “Couldn’t even lift up Jimmy Rave, who’s 130 lbs and going bald.” WHHHOOOOOOOO! Punk comments that, “I wouldn’t work on BJ’s arm, I’d work on BJ’s head because of his peanut brain.” Finish came when Whitmer hit Rave with an AWESOME looking Powerbomb off the top rope.

***After the match the camera cuts to a winded Whitmer backstage who puts over Jimmy Rave and the FoH saying that, “This is gonna make somebody!” He was also selling his arm being in major pain, good touch.

***AJ Styles approaches an exhausted Jimmy Rave and said that he had Whitmer, but he blew it. Not sure where this is going, but it could be cool.

***Promo with Samoa Joe, who said he made the first Glory By Honor in his match against Low Ki. He asks Christopher Daniels if the Fallen Angel’s true destiny is to get his ass kicked. I’m not Tarot Card reader, but that’s a pretty shitty destiny if you ask me. “Cut!” Steve Corino shows up with Guillotine LeGrande and brings up that he brought Joe into ROH and says, “The original plan was for me to hold the belt and for you to be the enforcer.” The King of Old School condescendingly says, “That’s ok though.” Corino slaps Joe on the back before he leaves.

***Memories of the Murphy Center. This was clips of a match in which Super Crazy beat Eddie Guerrero for the IWA belt during the time when the WWE released Eddie due to his “problems.” Who would have thought a year and half later that Eddie would be WWE champ? Inconceivable! That’s called getting a new lease on life kids.

***Xavier is doing tricep pressdowns while his FoH Stat Sheet comes on screen. Who in the world should walk into the room but TNA’s Lollipop, who looks at Xavier seductively and then walks out. WTF?

(2) Xavier beats John Walters in a Field of Honor match. Walters FoH Stat Sheet aired on his way to the ring. Lollipop comes out at the start of the match which brings out Xavier’s fellow Prophecy member, Allison Danger. Xavier tells Danger to go to the back which of course she didn’t handle very well. While going over the Prophecy, CM Punk asks, “How many members have gone in and out of there? Probably like guys going in and out of Lollipop’s bedroom.” ZING! Holy Cow! Walters hit an incredible 450 Splash from the top rope to Xavier who was on the floor. Punk and Lovey get into a great New Kids on the Block argument in which Punk repeatedly asks, “Who’s your favorite.” I’m two matches into this DVD and CM Punk might possibly be my favorite heel announcer of All Time. Another great spot in which Xavier was siting on the top rope, with his back towards the ring. Walters ran up, put his knees on Xavier’s back, then fell towards the ring taking Xavier with him. OUCH! Finish came when Xavier gave a mule kick to Walter’s nut sack and rolled him up to win. After the match Walters grabbed a mic and yelled, “This is the Field of Honor! This is about respect!” Walters said that next time they face each other he will beat some respect into Xavier.

***Camera cuts to Xavier in the back and his hurries down the stairs, “Calling me out?! Anytime, anyplace…”

***Christopher Daniels recounts his history with Samoa Joe and says, “All roads lead to this night!” CUT! Steve Corino comes in and wishes Daniels good luck in his match. The King of Old School leaves the Prophecy wondering what the hell was going on.

***Memories of the Murphy Center. This was highlights of Low Ki versus the American Dragon with special guest ref Ken Shamrock. Oh my, a top rope Ki-Krusher?! HOLY SHIT~! Match ended when Shamrock lifted an unconscious Ki’s arm as Dragon applied the move which PeTA will no doubt flip over, Cattle Mutilation. If there is one thing these Memories clip jobs show is how much better ROH is at making the Murphy Center look less like a high school gym and more like a wrestling arena. It ‘s hard to believe that Glory By Honor II is being held in the same place.

(3) Teddy Hart beat TJ Wilson. I’m not even sure if Lovey and CM Punk talked about one move during this match. Right from the beginning Lovey mentioned that Hart makes all his own outfits and Punk asked if Teddy made the fringe for Wilson’s Ultimate Warrior-like boots. Then the two went into a long discussion about Punk’s upcoming match against Terry Funk. The Punker also brought up Funk’s “I Quit” match against Ric Flair and the part in the movie Beyond the Mat in which Funk’s doctor told him his legs were shot. The two guys in the match had a good outing, but nothing spectacular and it ended with Hart hitting a very impressive Shooting Star Press for the win. Actually, one of the better looking versions of that move I have ever seen.

***Camera follows Teddy Hart to the back and he is confronted at the curtain by Special K. They tell Teddy they dig him but he wasn’t much of a high flyer. Special K invites Teddy to party with them but blows them off. Probably because this was pretty much a sausage fest. Where’s the hot Special K Sluts?!

***Backstage, Raven shoots a promo and mentions that he is undefeated against Steve Corino and challenges the King of Old School to have their match be under “Raven’s Rules”.

***Memories of the Murphy Rec Center. This clips of the Natural Born Sinners versus the Carnage Crew. SICK chair shots in this match. Finish of the match came when DeVito actually had barbed wire being stretched in his mouth while he was basically in a camel clutch like position. That’s insane. I’m not sure if it was Chris Lovey and Steve Corino or Lovey and The Other Guy, but these memories also point out how Lovey and Punk make the previous announcing look like shit.

(4) Steve Corino (w/ Team Corino) beat Raven. Corino’s personal announcer says that Simply Luscious is the only female graduate of Shawn Michael’s Wrestling School. What about Spanky? Ok, that was low. The announcer then started to read off all the men that Steve Corino has beaten (to tie in with the earlier promos that he has never beaten Raven) and this was classic as he read off names like Scotty Riggs, Kid Kash and Razor Ramon. In a great bit, the announcer stopped and went over to get a drink of water before he continued. Gold! He finished up by dropping names like Spanky, Tajiri, Jeff Hardy, Vampiro, and “if you were to put on a pair of tights he would surely beat you.” Raven came out and this was right after he was scalped by Jim Mitchell on a TNA PPV. Punk comments that Raven looked like he just came from a World War II concentration camp which is sure to go over well in the Jewish communities. Hey, I thought it was hilarious myself, but I know that there is some things even I wouldn’t joke about. Oh man, who am I kidding with that line?

Lovey brings up the part in Wrath of the Racket when Punk stormed out of Steve Corino’s locker-room looking for Christopher Daniels after the attack on Lucy. Punk wouldn’t give any further details about what went on and told Lovey to get bent. In one spot Lovey goes, “Is Corino grinding his knee into Raven’s Crotch?” To which CM Punk responded, “It’s not like it hasn’t been done before.” ”….I’m not touching that.” - the genius of Chris Lovey, and it’s the pause that sells the joke. Lovey with another great line saying to Punk, “You remind me of a young Steve Corino….hopefully you won’t turn out to be an asshole like him.” Yes, Chris Lovey said “asshole” and repeated it shortly thereafter. I don’t know why that was a shock to me, but it was.

The finish came when Raven did his simple, but cool, step-over-toe hold onto a chair but Simply Luscious broke up the pin. Raven grabbed her but was put into a Cobra Clutch by Corino~! Now that’s Old School. During all of this CM Punk left the booth in dramatic fashion. Raven got out and hit Corino with The Raven Effect, but Punk pulled the ref out of the ring at the count of 2. Raven chased Punk into the ring, but walked into a Corino Superkick, and was pinned. CM Punk beat on Raven like Ralphie Parker beating Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story but was pulled off by The King of Old School. Corino said he didn’t need any help and slapped the taste out of Punk’s mouth. The two had a stand off, but Punk bailed out of the ring.

***Memories of the Murphy Center. Highlights of a match between Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, Spanky and Doug Williams that was apparently based on how many points a wrestler got over the course of 60 minutes. +2 points for a pin, and -1 for taking a pin. This looked unbelievable and got even better when Low Ki won and was announced as the first ever ROH champ. Backstage he broke down and was crying. This was intense. He then shot a great promo and said he was dedicating the victory to the late Russ Haas. What the hell happened to cause Low Ki to hate ROH so much?! Now, I know I cracked about Spanky before but seriously, I love the guy and he probably hit the best looking Sliced Bread #2 ever in this match on Doug Williams. But this was for the ROH title in the biggest high profile match. Can you imagine the main event of WrestleMania 2000 being Steve Austin vs. the Rock vs. Triple H vs. Spanky? Hey, a boy can dream can’t he?

(5) Colt Cabana beat Matt Stryker, Chris Sabin & AJ Styles in a Four Corners Survival Match. Now the winner of this match is the one to get the first fall, which to me doesn’t jibe with the word “Survival”, but that’s why Gabe’s booking and I’m watching the DVDs. Cabana with some good comedy earlier as he tossed Sabin outside the ring and then ran across looking like he was going to dive outside the ring with some sort of dive when he suddenly stopped at the ropes, slowly climbed through and then jumped off the apron with a double axe handle. Crowd booed that one but it had me in stitches. AJ and Sabin worked a lot of the match together and these two click together really well, although AJ and anyone pretty much work good together. Styles through Sabin to the rope and hit maybe the best looking dropkick I have ever seen. Not long after, AJ did a kip up, but caught Matt Stryker’s head with his legs and flipped him over. I’ve never seen that before. I also always thought it was called a “nip up.” Is there a difference between a kip up and a nip up?

At one point, Cabana in the ring spit at AJ who was outside the ring and Styles responded by spitting his gum at Colt. CM Punk kept bringing this up throughout the rest of the match and it was hilarious. “That’s gotta be the sixth rule in the Code of Honor. No throwing gum.” Sabin gave a superb standing suplex to Styles that was very reminiscent of the British Bulldog, but keep in mind Sabin is like 150 lbs smaller. Styles ducked a double clothesline by Sabin and Stryker and flipped off the ropes Walls of Jericho style catching the heads off both men and giving them a double inverted DDT. This just in, AJ Styles is good. Sabin hit a reverse hurricarana on Cabana that looked like it should have snapped Colt’s neck, but Sabin was quickly hit with an awesome looking Dragon Suplex by Styles. While that was happening Cabana hit Stryker with the Colt .45 for the win.

***Dan Maff is shown talking on the phone and asks Alison Danger if Xavier is, “with us or against us.” Maff tells Danger to go find Rob Feinstein and let him know that Maff will be at ROH’s next show in Baltimore to compete in the Field of Honor. It’s scary how much Maff came across like Ving Rhame’s “Marcellus Wallace” character in the movie Pulp Fiction during this, and I mean that in a good way.

***Memories of the Murphy Center. Here we had clips from a match between Velocity’s own Paul London and Michael Shane, who’s so busted open that he looks like he just walked off the set of Quetin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Finish of the match came as London climbed this absurdly high and cheap ladder as the crowd chanted “Please Don’t Die!!” London then hit a great looking Shooting Star Press for the win. Wow.

***Intermission time with Tool Capetta and his guest is Colt Cabana. “Like those egg whites I eat for breakfast, I’m cracking the top five” says Colt before he again teases his surprise later tonight. Out of nowhere CM Punk interrupts and starts going off on Terry Funk. In one of those moments that just has to be seen, Cabana first lifts Capetta up so he is at Punk’s level and afterwards begins to mime “I was talking.” behind Punk’s back. Classic. CM Punk said, “I’m not a legend killer because Terry Funk isn’t a legend.” Tool Capetta closes the promo and confirms that no one in wrestling can come across more lame than him as he tells the fans to prepare for the second half of the show. Dare to dream Josh Matthews, dare to dream.

***ROH live events schedule video played with the graphics being played over the CM Punk - Raven Clockwork Orange House of Fun match from Beating the Odds. Again, this is a lot better than what they were doing with this information in previous discs. I still think there has got to be a better way to alert fans about upcoming dates, but if it’s going to be on a DVD this isn’t nearly as bad as the cheap way it was done before.

(6) Special K (Deranged & Hydro & AngelDust) beat The Carnage Crew to start a Gaunlet Match for the ROH Tag Team Titles. Chris Lovey said, “You might be asking yourself why the tag team gauntlet match is starting with a six man.” to which Punk replied, “No, I’m asking myself why I’m watching a match that’s filled with a bunch of drug addicts and derelicts.” Lovey never got around to his explanation. That’s ok though because TNA would probably have a tag team gauntlet match made up exclusively of singles matches and not explain it either. I love the beginning of all Carnage Crew/Special K matches because the K kids always act freaked out. Deranged was almost crying, “I am so sick of these guys. You have no idea!” Justin Credible went on a tear nailing AngelDust with a bunch of suplexes and when he was done CM Punk went, “7 suplexes…HA HA HA” like The Count from Sesame Street. To continue with the muppet trend, Punk called Becky Bayless, “Miss Piggy.” Lovey went through his usual spiel about Special K having all the potential and blah, blah, blah when Punk said, “Deranged has all the potential in the world and he should take that potential…and get a haircut.” Late in the match the outside members of Special K got involved which caused the Carnage Crew to get out straps (this ties into the end of Beating the Odds) and started whipping Special K. The ref called for a DQ and this was nuts as it seemed some of these straps were coming across Special K’s faces. Ouch~!

(7) Jay & Marc Briscoe beat Special K (Deranged & Hydro). CM Punk: “There’s one word I would use to describe the Briscoes and that is scary. Notice I didn’t say scary looking, although they ain’t that easy on the eyes.” Jay versus Deranged early in the match was fantastic with Deranged doing his best bump impersonation of Spike Dudley in ECW’s heyday including a great 360 off a Briscoe clothesline. CM Punk: “Now Hydro seems to be the only member of Special K that works out.” This was said right before Mark hit a springboard Ace Crusher on Hydro, only to find himself on a scary looking (in a good way) Code Red courtesy of Deranged. I absolutely LOVE that move. A spike Jaydriller to Hydro ends the match.

(8) Jay & Marc Briscoe beat The Ring Crew Express. Now if Dunn & Marcos were in the WWE I have no doubt they would be immediately treated like the Hurricane and jobbed out in most humiliating of ways despite how much they were over with the fans. One of ECW’s best traits (shared by ROH) is that the company can take just about anyone and get them over. For God’s sake one of the matches on the recent Mick Foley DVD is an ECW title match between himself and Mikey Whipwreck! To me it is mind boggling that the WWE spends 95% of it’s creative energy getting the 5% of the guys over who are ALREADY over while letting the rest of the company rot. The best part is they wonder why a couple years later no one really gives a shit about guys like Christian and Jericho. “It must be that damn Internet or those &#@$ dirtsheets!” The Briscoes started off with a nasty looking double knife edge chops to Dunn’s chest. WHHHOOOOOOOO! It a great spot, Dunn got a lift up from Marcos to hit a sweet looking Sliced Bread #2 but was immediately nailed by a springboard dropkick courtesy of Marc. This was great because the camera was in PERFECT position and you saw Marc getting ready for the move in the background and he dove into view, almost like a Hollywood film where the movie is slightly fuzzy up front with crisp detail in the back switching to fuzzy in the back and crisp detail in the foreground. A springboard Doomsday Device finishes off Dunn.

(9) Special K (Izzy & Dixie) beat Jay & Marc Briscoe. Chris Lovey talks about the earlier meeting of Special K and Teddy Hart to which CM Punk said, “Who?” ”Teddy Hart.” “Never heard of him.” We could possibly be in the middle of one of the longest planned out work/shoots ever. Punk goes on to say that his Straight Edge Revolution is being shouted down just like Martin Luther King, Gloria Steinham and the founder of the Black Panthers. Lovey is outraged at Punk for putting himself with those individuals and brought up the attack on Lucy from Wrath of the Racket. Punk got flustered and said he was sick and tired of talking about Lucy’s attack and left the booth. This brought in regular announcer Ray Morrow. For the most part Special K got destroyed here, including being hit with an awesome looking Powerbomb/Moonsault combo, but the finish came after Cloudy distracted the ref allowing AngelDust to hit Jay with a BlockBuster.

(10) The Backseat Boyz beat Special K to win the ROH Tag Team Titles. The Backseats immediately ran to the ring and jumped the Special K kids and started the match off with some really innovative tag team moves. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Backseat Boyz might be my favorite tag team in wrestling, especially after seeing Trent Acid’s battles with Homicide. Chris Lovey: “If Special K won the titles they would probably try to do lines off them or something!” I don’t care who you are, that’s funny. Izzy and Dixie set up Acid for the “T Gimmick” but were given a double spear by Johnny Kashmere. The Backseats followed up with their own T Gimmick to Dixie and we have NEW ROH TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS~!”

Other members of Special K join Izzy and Dixie attacking the Backseats after the match until Jay and Marc Briscoe came out for the save. Marc hit a GREAT looking shooting star press from the top rope to the floor, squashing several members of Special K. Out comes Teddy Hart who jumps onto the ring apron and does an ABSOLUTELY CRAZY twisting flip onto the K kids. This was cool and you are really trusting the people catching you to try moves like this. This gives the Backseat Boyz a minute to get back into the ring and pose with their new belts and of course Teddy stays in the ring to piggyback during their moment. You can tell this kid grew up in the business because it even took Triple H many years before he figured out how to inappropriately glom the heat off of someone else whereas Teddy is only 19 or something and already knows one of Pro Wrestling’s 10 Commandments: Thou Shalt Look Out For Number One.

***Memories of the Murphy Center. Here we had clips from 10/5/02 of a match between Low Ki and Samoa Joe with the two beating the absolute shit out of each other in the most stiff match I have ever seen, and this was just a clip job! This was absolutely insane and Ki won the match after a Must See flurry in which Joe let out a primal scream of sorts before he dropped to the mat like a tree.

***From Japan we have a promo with Homicide, who is apparently on tour with Zero-One. The Notorious 187 sends a shout out to Julius Smokes and goes on to say that Low Ki disrespected him as Homicide was his trainer and helped make Ki a superstar in Japan. “You forgot where you came from PUNK!” Homicide also asked for a rematch against Samoa Joe and it doesn’t have to be for the title as, “this time it’s for pride.” Homicide is like the answer to the question, “What if New Jack had legitimate wrestling talent and wasn’t completely insane?”

***Up next is what was billed as a Farewell For Alexis Laree. Tool Capetta was already in the ring when Laree came out and in a cool touch, they threw streamers into the ring like from Corino’s entrance or Japanese matches. Crowd chants, “Please don’t go!” Capetta puts over Laree and once she has the mic she puts over the ROH fans. This girl is hot, Elektra in Daredevil hot. As Alexis yelled, “Thank you Ring of Honor!!” the lights went out and Special K’s music began playing. When the lights appeared Alexis was surrounded by the whole group save Deranged, who I didn’t see. Joey Matthews came out and cleared the ring. Lovey tells us that it was Joey Matthews who brought Alexis into ROH, but he abandoned her for Special K and hasn’t been seen for a while as he has been in rehab. Alexis kisses Joey causing Lovey to say, “I wish I made the save!” but Joey soon lays her out. Wow! Special K comes back into the ring and hold Laree as Matthews prepares to deliver a chair shot.

Out comes Slugger, Special K’s bodyguard who also walked away from the team after being talked to by Julius Smokes. Joey gives Slugger the chair and Hydro tells the giant to crush Laree. Instead, Slugger lays out Hydro and throws the chair down. Julius Smokes comes out with Benny from the Bronx and the two start clearing the ring of Special K kids. During this Ray Morrow had a Bobby Heenan, “But which side is he on?!” moment by first saying it was the New Rottweiler’s but quickly trying to cover by asking if this was the New Rottweiler’s that Homicide was talking about. Funny thing is, I don’t remember Homicide mentioning the New Rottweiler’s in his promo. Anyhoo, this all led to an impromptu match…

(11) Alexis Laree beat HiJinx with Julius Smokes as the Guest Referee. HiJinx was the guy who dropped the Ecstacy in Laree’s drink several shows ago. Not much to the match and it comes to an end when HiJinx attempts a suplex, but Alexis counters it with her inverted DDT for the pin. After the match Slugger puts Laree on his shoulder as the crowd goes nuts.

Compare this and how Paul London left ROH at Death Before Dishonor to what the WWE and TNA does when they know guys are in for their last show….

***Jim Cornette shoots a promo on the Prophecy and actually brings up the moment on RAW when Ric Flair told Raven that he’s had more titles than Maven’s had women. Cornette says, “I’ve had more main events than you guys have practiced the time honored tradition of self gratification.” He says the Prophecy embarrassed him and that he will get his revenge.

(12) Terry Funk beat CM Punk by DQ. Punk shoots promo before the match saying he was 4 years old in 1983 when Terry Funk retired for the first time in All Japan. CM Punk was only 4? Jesus, now I feel as old as the Torch’s own Bruce Mitchell. Punk runs down the Funker and says he will be dominated by the “part man/part machine.” I wonder which part of CM Punk is “part machine”? I always wanted eyes like The Terminator as he could instantly tell if clothes would fit him and I hate trying on new clothes at the Mall. Then again, I always wanted Scott Baio’s powers from Zapped! as well, so I’m probably the last one to ask about this question. Punk closed his promo by imitating Funks, “Forever! Forever! Forever!” retirement speech that was also shown in Beyond the Mat. Funk came out with no fanfare and said, “I don’t need any god damn music!”

A very methodical match, which I think is a nice way of saying Terry Funk has about as much mobility as Rosey in the WWE. Maybe even Rosie O’Donnell. Actually it wasn’t that bad, just completely different from the rest of the show but that should be expected considering the amount of talent so far. Punk yelled, “This is now a hardcore match!” while wailing into Funk on the outside. Tons of brawling followed with a neat spot of Funk suplexing CM Punk from the inside of the ring through a table on the outside. Terry Funk went for a top rope moonsault while the crowd chanting “Please Don’t Die!” Funk missed and Punk started to heavily work over Funk’s knees. In a spot I loved, Punk had the figure four applied and Terry was making desperate swings for Punk’s face, but CM would just come back and taunt him more. Punk grabbed a chair and attacked Funk’s knee with it before again applying the figure four. Funk was able to mount a small offense before his spinning toe hold was countered into yet another figure four. Punk wouldn’t break the hold at the 5 count and the ref stopped the match, awarding Funk the victory.

Colt Cabana comes to the ring and pulls CM Punk off of Funk, right before Cabana puts Funk in a figure four of his own! Chris Lovey: “What a scumbag!” Raven runs to the ring and the Second City Saints bail out. Who else but WWE Heat superstar© Tommy Dreamer cuts Cabana off in the aisle and drags Colt back into the ring. Cabana then takes a Raven Effect followed by a Stone Cole Stunner courtesy of Terry Funk. Huge, “Tommy! Tommy!” chants followed by “ECW! ECW!” At this point Tommy himself got the crowd to change to a “ROH! ROH!” chant. Good touch. Tommy got a mic and said he never got a chance to thank Terry Funk for all the help he gave in building up ECW to what it was.

***Memories of the Murphy Center. Clips of American Dragon versus AJ Styles. One neat spot had Dragon whipping Styles into the guard rail, but Styles jumped over it and turned around to hit a charging Dragon with a superkick. Ending was really cool as Dragon kept trying to block the Styles Clash as AJ was ramming him into the corner and finally a powerbomb, which enabled AJ to hit his finisher.

(13) Samoa Joe beat Christopher Daniels (w/Allison Danger) to retain the ROH World Title. Surprisingly loud “Fallen Angel” chants before the match. Samoa Joe with a HUGE kick to a charging Daniels to start the match with a quick 2 count. Soon Joe had The Fallen Angel in a crazy Boston Crab that looked like it was going to snap Daniel’s back. Daniels got a short offensive which included hitting an Arabian Press on Joe inside the ring and another shortly after while Joe was outside. I love that move. Outside Daniels also tried to steal Joe’s OLE OLE OLE kick, but ran into a stiff kick from the ROH champ instead. This allowed Joe to nail Daniels with the OLE OLE OLE kick. In a funny spot, the ref was outside trying to get the guys back in and Joe had the ref clapping for the spot. After getting his ass kicked for a while Daniels hit a superb looking German Suplex on Joe, only to charge right into lightning fast powerslam. By this point in the match the announcers were really putting over that Joe was getting blown up and he was doing a great job by staggering around at points and this allowed The Fallen Angel to take control. Daniels had an unbelievable sequence in he hit the Blue Thunder Driver (!) shortly followed by a hurricanrana off the top rope! Daniels hits the Angel Wings! 1…2….2 99/100! THE BELL RINGS! The ref immediately runs over and mimics, “No! 2 count!” Daniels is shocked.

Joe reverses the Last Rites into the choke hold he knocked out Paul London with at Death Before Dishonor. Somehow Daniels squirms his way over to get his leg on the rope to break the hold. As Daniels gets up he is blasted by an enziguri and then an Island Driver! 1…2…3! Samoa Joe wins! After the match Daniels sat in the corner Raven-like with Allison Danger in front of him. Joe went over to shake the Fallen Angel’s hand, but Daniels no-sold it which made Joe turn the gesture into flipping Daniels off. Eventually Daniels left the ring to huge “Fallen Angel” chants. Great match.

***Memories of the Murphy Center. These clips were from Paul London versus The American Dragon on 4/12/03. This was a best of three falls match in which London won the first fall by reversing a move off the top rope. Dragon took the second fall by applying a ferocious half Boston crab on an already weak London, but Paul regrouped to win the last fall and the match by hitting the London Star Press.

***Back to Dan Maff, who first says Daniels made one hell of an effort in the Main Event and that, “everybody knows you won.” Maff goes on to say he will win the Field of Honor and serves a punk card to Low Ki. “You are a self-righteous, egotistical son of a bitch!” As if that couldn’t be used to describe 99% of everyone in the business. He told Ki that he took Ki’s best shot and is still breathing. Maff ripped off his neck brace and said this was personal and that he was going to finish what Ki started. A good promo as Maff really sold that he was still in a lot of pain and I’m interested to see how that is going to be used at the next show.

***Carnage Crew is backstage and Loc pretty much recaps the entire Carnage Crew/Special K feud. DeVito says to K, “If you ain’t my daddy, you don’t whip me with a belt.” That stems from the whipping the Crew took during the impromptu Q&A session with Justin Credible during the last show. They promise to kick Special K’s ass.

***Backseat Boyz are backstage shooting a promo with their new belts. They put over what a great tag team division ROH has, but remind everyone that they are the best. They talk about going to Atlantic City to party because there is, “A/C, hookers and room service.” Not necessarily in that order.

***Memories of the Murphy Center. These clips were from a match between Samoa Joe and Homicide on 5/31/03 and was the match the Notorious 187 was referring to earlier during his promo. The finish of the match had one of the SICKEST moves ever and was called a Muffle Buster by Chris Lovey. Great camera shots here too as we saw Homicide’s corner-men Low Ki and Julius Smokes bickering outside the ring while Joe was setting up his move on the top rope.

***It’s time for the Colt Cabana Talk Show~! This was what Cabana was promising all night and it consisted of a desk in front of a wall backstage. Colt says this will be the most entertaining 5 minutes of the entire show. “Why only 5 minutes? Because Rob Feinstein was too cheap to pay for any more.” Colt brings out his first guest, “J Train” and out comes Julius Smokes, Benny Blanco and Slugger. Actually, Smokes made me laugh here as he sat down and gave this goofy stare and smile at Cabana that actually made Colt wonder what the hell was going on. Smokes then went on to do what Julius Smokes does, and that is speak in some strange tongue. Cabana sat bewildered and finally said, “I don’t speak ire-lish.” Smokes went on to say the Rotweillers were gonna kick some ass in ROH. Colt says, “I’ll see you in the Green Room!” Cabana also said he was out of time for his second guest, CM Punk, but he’ll get to him next show. I’d have to equate getting bumped for Julius Smokes to be the equivalent to have beer poured down my throat if I were Punk, or at least Zima. We’ll see how this plays out.

DVD Bonus Features: YES! First of all, on both discs you have the option of watching all the Memories of the Murphy Center separately. On disc two there is also the ShowCase Matches. Keep in mind that these matches have no announcing and also don’t use the hard camera. They are shot like the old ECW “Fan Cam.” Match 1: The Outcast Killaz vs. Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter Match 2: AngelDust (w/Special K) vs. Joey Matthews Match 3: Roderick Strong vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Josh Daniels in a Fatal Four Way

Overall Thoughts: When I was watching ROH’s Death Before Dishonor I thought I would probably never see a wrestling DVD better than that. Well, I was wrong. Glory by Honor II is an absolutely fantastic show that needs to be seen to be believed. The Punk/Lovey commentating on the majority of the show is worth the price of admission itself, especially if you are a CM Punk fan. You can pick this DVD up by Clicking HERE or by going to and seeing all the other choices they have.

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