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For those who have been living under a rock for the last year or 
so, allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Jay Bower, 
I am an Internet Wrestling Celebrity® and I author "SunJay" 
on occasional Sunday nights at It's the only 
thing "phatter" than a brand new set of chrome 20's for your 
"feets", ya heard.

Derek has graciously allowed me  to host back issues 
of my "Playing the Game" comic strip on this very site. 
Feel free to browse the archives through the beautiful 
AND practical thumbnails below.

Feel free to drop me a line at

Thanks again to Derek and now...ON WITH THE CARTOONS!

Final Issue # 13  ptg013.jpg (177849 bytes)

Issue # 12   ptg012.jpg (155016 bytes)    Issue # 11   ptg011.jpg (120595 bytes)

Issue # 10   ptg010.jpg (104076 bytes)    Issue # 9    ptg009.jpg (88583 bytes)

Issue # 8    ptg008.jpg (168833 bytes)    Issue # 7    ptg007.jpg (125123 bytes)

Issue # 6    ptg006.jpg (133292 bytes)    Issue # 5    ptg005.jpg (140138 bytes)

Issue # 4    ptg004.jpg (151090 bytes)    Issue # 3    ptg003.jpg (183054 bytes)

Issue # 2    ptg002.jpg (154090 bytes)


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