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GumGod Proudly Presents:
The Kevin George Page!

Kevin is a college student at Ferris State University. Kevin is
obviously the sole voice of sanity at GumGod. Indy wrestling is where
it's at with promotions like IWA:MS, RoH and PWG offering the
best action and Kevin tries to check it all out.

Kevin's ratings aren't just about how technical the match was or
how crisp every move was executed. It's about the story of the
match and how well the match entertained him. The star ratings
aren't there to be the end all of how good a match was but to give
the reader an idea of the quality of the match. Besides the stars
aren't important, it's the analysis that comes right after them. If you've
seen the match that's all you should be reading anyways. The match
write-ups are just there to make it look like Kevin did some work.

 Kevin can be contacted at
or on MSN messenger at

 Kevin's Reviews:

ROH: Manhattan Mayhem

Ryuji Ito: The New King of Hardcore

ROH: Back To Basics

MLW: Reloaded Tour Day 1

ROH: Death Before Dishonor 2, Part One

ROH: Death Before Dishonor 2, Part Two

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Taste the Radness

NOAH: Departure 2004 - Tokyo Dome

ROH: Midnight Express Reunion

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: The Musical


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