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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Taste the Radness

DVD Review

The music video before the show starts is really well done and the song is really cool as well and they time a lot clips well with the music.

You can get commentary on the show by pressing info and changing the audio track to 2. The commentary is very funny but can distract from the action just to let you know.

Charles Mercury vs. Puma (7:15) Puma starts the match by running and hitting a dropkick then dropping Mercury with a powerbomb for two. He follows up with a bridging German suplex for two. Puma with a powerslam then misses a guillotine legdrop. Puma rocks Mercury with some forearms then takes a running dropkick. Mercury with a Texas cloverleaf but Puma is quick to the ropes but Mercury pulls him to the middle of the ring and Puma crawls to the ropes to break the hold up. Action goes to the outside and they trade some strikes on the outside. Mercury snapmares Puma then gets a rear chinlock and then a rear cravate I guess but Puma gets to the ropes. Puma traps Mercury in the corner and goes to work then snapmares him over for two. Puma with a belly to back suplex then whips him into the ropes and hits a nice leg lariat. Puma gets an Indian deathlock with a double underhook submission on but Puma lets go of it. Mercury hits Puma with a running clothesline and a big knee. He goes to the apron and hits a springboard dropkick. Excalibur says that Mercury has more spunk than a best of cum shots video. Mercury goes up and hits a guillotine legdrop for two. Mercury gets Puma in the corner then hits a northern light suplex rolls through twice and this three and gets a two count as Puma gets a foot on the ropes. Puma hits a tombstone for three.

Analysis: *1/2 Pretty good for the time it was given and both men hit their moves well but they don’t really go for much of a story or anything and just throw out a bunch of nice moves.

Hardcore Kidd vs. Big Babi Slymm (8:23) They lock up and Slymm takes Kidd to the ropes and they break it up. Another lockup and Kidd takes Slymm to the corner and Slymm ducks a forearm from Kidd to escape the corner. They trade some shoulder tackles and neither man goes down. Slymm hits a flying shoulder tackle to knock Kidd down then clotheslines him out of the ring. El Jefe attacks Slymm from behind and Kidd slams him head first onto the podium. Kidd stomps away at Slymm. Slymm hits a neckbreaker for two. El Jefe trips Slymm up and Kidd powerslams him for a two count. Kidd goes to work on Slymm in the corner. Kidd with a diving headbutt to the junk on Slymm. Jefe chokes Slymm across the ropes and Kidd slingshots over the top rope and hits a legdrop across the back of Slymm’s head. Kidd runs up the ropes then comes off with a big back elbow for two. Kidd takes a big boot to Slymm’s head. Slymm with a sitout chokeslam and both men are down. Slymm comes off the top rope with a diving spear to Kidd for a two count. Slymm catches Kidd going for a crossbody block and hits a twisting sidewalks slam. Pearce runs in and piledrives Slymm and Kidd covers him for the three count.

Analysis: ½* A boring sloppy match from these two men in this match and it was mostly lame brawling.

Havana Pitbulls vs. Thomaselli Brothers (13:45) Ricky and Vito start the match and Vito gets a headscissors but Ricky quick to escape. Another lockup and Vito goes behind and trips Ricky to the mat and hammerlocks him. Vito gets a rear chinlock and Ricky fights to his feet and trips Vito down and gets a side headlock. Vito with a fireman’s carry and both men tag out. Rocky and Sal go for the lockup and Rocky kicks him in the leg. The two lock up and Rocky trips Sal and they go back and forth on the mat before Sal gets to the ropes to break it up. The two lockup again and Rocky takes Sal to the ropes. Another lockup and Sal goes behind and takes Rocky down. Rocky gets up but Sal gets a front facelock and Rocky backs him into the ropes. They run the ropes then Rocky drops down with the lady of the lake then Sal tags in Vito who gets grabbed by the lady of the lake and Ricky comes in and stops Sal and Vito takes a stomping in the wrong corner. Ricky with an arm wringer then brings down some hard forearms on the arm. Rocky tags in and delivers a kick to the arm of Vito and follows up with more kicks. Rocky continues to work on the arm ov Vito. Ricky hits a backbreaker and follows up by trapping the arm but Vito rolls him over for a two count. Ricky goes right back to the arm and takes it over the ropes and cranks on it. Ricky traps the arm on a powerslam then misses a knee drop and Vito tags out. Sal goes after the knee of Reyes with some kicks then drops a nice elbow and gets a legbar. Dragonscrew by Sal and goes after the leg some more. Vito with a running dropkick to the knee of Ricky as Sal holds it up for him. Vito with a rolling leglock but Ricky gets to the ropes. A dragonscrew by Vito and he gets a stryker lock variation. Ricky fights out of the hold with some punches but Vito tags in Sal. Sal with an awesome looking STF variation but Ricky gets to the ropes. The two men trade some forearms and both men fall down to the mat. Both men tag out and Rocky kills Vito with some big kicks. Rocky unleashes a brutal series of strikes then hurrincanrannas Vito over and goes right into a cross armbreaker. Double pancake into a boston crab and Ricky breaks it up with a double bulldog. Ricky hits a fisherman buster for a two count. Rocky picks Vito up for a belly to back suplex and Rocky jumps off the top and takes him down with a reverse bulldog and Vito breaks up the cover with a guillotine legdrop. Legdrop sidewalk slam by the Thomaselli’s gets a two count. Rocky gets the hurrincanranna into cross armbreaker and gets the submission from Vito.

Analysis: ***½ A really nice match between these two teams right here. Both teams pick a man and a body part to work and they stick to it. However both Ricky and Vito are a little iffy with their selling especially Vito. However both teams pull out some really nice moves to work the body parts and do a good job of keeping the match interesting.

Shannon Ballard vs. Samoa Joe (8:47) Ballard jumps Joe on the outside and Joe will have none of it and the two men trade shots on the outside although Ballard is getting the better of it. Ballard beats on Joe but Joe no sells and slaps Shannon then gives him an ass whooping of his own until Ballard dragonscrews him. Shannon chokes away at Joe while Excalibur tells me that Samoan’s eat babies. Joe punches away at Shannon in the corner and Shannon rakes Joe’s eyes then pounds on him in the corner. Shannon goes for an STO but Joe fights against it and hits his own STO. Joe hits the boot scrapes on Shannon and hits a particularly devastating running boot. Shannon again rakes the eyes of Joe then whips him into the opposite corner and charges in and eats a big STO from Joe. Shannon with a flying arm smash thing and follows up with another one then gets an armbar but Joe gets the ropes. Joe fights out of armlock with some big right forearms then Shannon picks Joe up with a hammerlock then drops his arm across the top rope. Shannon stomps away at Joe in the corner then hits his own boot scrapes but Joe stops the running boot scrape with a big chop. Joe with the powerbomb into the STF on the kick out. Shannon slowly make his way to the ropes to break the hold. Shannon drops Joe on his head with a backdrop driver. Joe clobbers away at Shannon until the ref breaks it up. Joe with a big kick that sends Shannon into the ref. Shannon brings the chair into the ring and hits Joe but he no sells. Joe catches the chair from Shannon and Shannon plays like he’s knocked down for the DQ victory.

Analysis: **1/4 A nice brawl while it lasted but the ending was pretty lame. Still they really went after each other with some stiff strikes to keep it interesting.

Super Dragon, Excalibur & Disco Machine vs. Chris Bosh, Scorpio Sky & Quicksilver (25:44) Disco and Quick light up and Quick goes behind with a rear waistlock but Disco fights out and gets his own. They trade some armwork early. Disco dances and gets caught with a forearm but Disco takes back control then tags in Dragon. Dragon smacks Silver and he tags in Scorpio and the two men face off then Scorpio tags in Bosh. The two men circle and the two men go back and forth with some nice wrestling. The two lockup and Dragon takes Bosh into the corner. Bosh comes off the top with a crossbody block and then hits a couple of headscissors take downs and Bosh goes to the outside and avoids a baseball slide then backflips over the top rope then lands on Dragon and takes him over with a headscissors. Scorpio and Excalibur face off and Excalibur uses some shady tactics to take control of Scorpio and stretches out the arms then gets a full nelson camel clutch. Scorpio with a clothesline on Ex then starts stomping away and Bosh comes in with some stomps of his own. Bosh with a chinlock on Ex. Dragon comes in and chops Bosh in the back to break the hold. All hell breaks lose and the faces send the heels into the ropes and hit dropkicks. Disco jumps onto Bosh then Dragon hits a tope con hilo on Scorpio and Ex hits Silver with a suicide dive. SBS hit a cool triple team then almost gets the move again on Scorpio but he fights out of it. Bosh fucks up a springboard senton as he misses the top rope and falls onto Dragon. Silver and Scorpio make dives of their own as well. Bosh with a bridging fisherman suplex for two. Silver takes Disco down with a nice side Russian legsweep then tags in Scorpio. Disco fights back with a flurry of strikes but Scorpio low blows him. Disco fights out of the bad guy team then tags in Ex. Ex comes in a house of fire until he takes a brutal clothesline from Bosh that folds him in half. Ex then takes the sickest backdrop driver bump I have ever seen in my life and Dragon breaks up the cover. Scorpio gets tagged in and hits a nice backbreaker on Excalibur then htis an ace crusher and rolls through to the dragon clutch until Dragon breaks it up. Silver tags in and whips Ex into the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick. Silver with a nice vertical suplex on Ex for two. Scorpio comes in and Ex counters the tornado DDT then jumps and tags in Dragon who beats down on Silver before he takes a stiff spinebuster. Scorpio comes in and starts to taunt Dragon and Dragon bets the shit out of him in the corner until his partners make the save. Scorpio hits a painful looking dropkick and Disco makes the save as Silver makes the cover. Dragon fights out of some hold from Silver then locks him in a reverse Indian deathlock then slams him face first into the ring. Disco hits Scorpio with a powerslam for two. Ex tags himself in and climbs up to the top rope. Disco hits a superplex then Ex hits a big elbow drop for a two count. Bosh with an STO backbreaker but Disco comes in and hits a choke breaker. Scorpio comes in and hits a crazy neckbreaker thing. Dragon goes for the psycho driver but Silver breaks it up and takes a brutal clothesline from Dragon for two when Scorpio breaks it up. Scorpio takes Ex over with a nice reverse hurrincanranna. Bosh and Dragon brawl on the outside for a bit. Bosh goes for a suplex but Ex reverses it then hits a double underhook suplex and both men play dead. Ex tags in Disco as Silver comes in who eats some double stomps then gets powerslammed into the corner. Disco goes for a ‘ranna but Silver blocks it then Scorpio dropkicks him and Disco takes him over then jumps up and hits Scorpio with another ‘ranna. Disco takes Dragon in and Dragon goes to work on Scorpio and hits him with a dragon suplex for two then climbs to the top rope but Silver stops him. Dragon then gets up and hits a double stomp to Scorpio’s head and Bosh makes the save at two. Dragon picks Scorpio up and drops him with the psycho driver for two when the Pro Wrestling Gorilla pulls the ref out of the ring and reveals Charles Mercury. Dragon chases the gorilla to the back. Dragon comes back in and takes some chairshots from Bosh and Scorpio covers him for two. Scorpio tags in Bosh then goes for a dragon screw but eats an enziguri and tags in Ex and Ex takes a screwdriver for the three count.

Analysis: ***3/4 A nice six man tag here. SBS all take turns playing the FiP and they do it all well. There are some nice high spots and some nice head drops. The match is structured well and it seems like the faces are going to pull it out against the cheating heels but can’t in the end.

After the match Mercury and Talwar run out and help the Aerial Express put a beat down on the SBS. Dragon throws some chairs from the outside and all hell breaks loose once again as we get brawling on the outside. Scott Lost and Joey Ryan come out and help the SBS out because they own the company with them and make a ten man tag for the next show.

Bobby Quance vs. Bryan Danielson (20:29) Before the match starts Danielson rips up some fans sign. The two lockup and music starts playing and Danielson looks pissed. They lockup again and Quance backs Danielson into the corner and Danielson rubs his forearm across the face of Quance and Quance then returns the favor. A test of strength and Quance backs Danielson into the ropes and Danielson pushes him out of the corner with a wicked butterfly and then they struggle against each other on the mat. Danielson with the Vulcan death grip but Quance gets to the ropes. Quance gets a front facelock but Danielson gets up to his feet and gets a keylock on Quance. Danielson goes back to the vulcan death grip but Quance flips Danielson out of the corner and into a side headlock. Danielson slowly fights up to his feet and backs Quance into the corner then they move out of the corner and Danielson european uppercuts his way free. Knucklelock and Quance takes Danielson down and gets on top and gets a sleeper hold but Danielson makes the ropes. Another lockup and Quance takes Danielson over with another side headlock. Danielson frees himself with some crazy hold but Quance gets out of it and back to the side headlock. They face off in the middle of the ring and Quance kicks away at Danielson’s leg and sends him to the outside. Danielson takes his time before getting back into the ring. Knuckle lock and Danielson goes down on the mat and eventually pulls Quance down and goes for pins but Quance fights out of it then gets a front chancery but Danielson makes the ropes. Danielson fights free and then takes a dropkick. Danielson hits Quance with a headbutt to the midsection of Quance then delivers a backbreaker. Another backbreaker gets Danielson a two count. Danielson gets Quance with a bow and arrow but messes it up but still bends Quance over his knee well. Danielson takes some slaps and trash talks Quance and then they just go back and forth with strikes until Danielson throws Quance out of the ring with a front facelock. Quance blocks a vertical suplex on the outside then delivers his own. Danielson picks Quance up for a powerbomb and stretches Quance’s back over his shoulder but Quance flips over using the ropes and then hits an exploder variation for a two count. Danielson picks Quance up and does the airplane spin. Danielson with the rolling Samoan drop then climbs up to the top rope and hits Quance with a flying headbutt for a two count. Danielson shoves his knee in Quance’s back and just pulls back on Quance’s head until Quance makes it to the ropes. Quance goes behind Danielson then takes him down with an ace crusher and both men are down. Quance fights back with some strikes but Danielson goes for a German suplex but Quance flips over to his feet then hits a swinging DDT for a two count. Danieslon reverses a vertical suplex then gets an Oklahoma roll for a two count then grabs Quance with an abdominal stretch and Quance escapes and takes Danielson down with a spinning headscissors. Quance gets a cross armbreaker but Danielson escapes quickly. Quance kips up and hits a spinning front kick on Danielson. Quance goes up to the top rope and goes for the shooting star press but Danielson rolls out of the way and Quance lands on his feet. Daneislon hits an everest German suplex for two then grabs an abdominal stretch and takes it down for the submission.

Analysis: **3/4 They have some great back and forth mat wrestling in the beginning section and Danielson is clearly aggravated that Quance is able to stand up to his attack on the mat where he usually dominates and Danielson then goes to strikes. Quance continues to go to the mat and not really control Danielson but holds his own. Danielson does a great job of working on the midsection and back region of Quance for the majority of the match but Quance doesn’t really sell it. Occasionally he’ll grab his back or midsection but for the most part he doesn’t bother. Quance’s offense on his comebacks was kind of scattershot as well but well done. Overall this is some really good wrestling and when they go on the mat in the beginning they are just freaking intense.

Homicide & B-Boy (c) vs. X-Foundation (PWG Tag Team Titles) (22:24) Joey Ryan and Homicide start the match and they trade some arm wringers before Homicide takes Ryan down to the mat. They trade rear waistlocks and then Homicide grabs an arm wringer and Ryan gets to the ropes. Homicide calls for a knuckle lock then pokes Ryan in the eye and snapmares him over. Homicide escapes a head scissors then nails Ryan with a headbutt. B-Boy tags himself in and Ryan tags in Lost. They lockup and B-Boy backs Ryan into the belt. They go through a rope running sequence then B-Boy goes for a German suplex but Lost flips over to his feet and then hits a dropkick to the face of B-Boy. They lockup again and Lost takes B-Boy down to the mat but B-Boy gets up and drives him into the corner and Homicide tags in and pounds away at Lost. Homicide hits a bunch of armdrags and gets an armbar on Lost. Homicide tags in B-Boy and he comes off the ropes with a knee on the arm. Big clothesline in the corner by B-Boy for a two count. B-Boy snapmares Lost over and nails him with a stiff kick to the spine of Lost. Ryan with a blindtag. Lost hits a forearm on B-Boy and Ryan comes off the ropes with a forearm drop and gets a one count. Lost tags back in and hits some double axe handles and stomps on B-Boy. Ryan tags in and powerslams B-Boy then hits a legdrop for a one count. Lost nails B-Boy right in the side of the head for one before Homicide breaks up the cover. B-Boy sends Ryan over the top with a backbody drop but Lost lands on the apron then goes for a suplex but B-Boy blocks it then pulls Ryan up draping him on the top rope then brings him down with swinging neckbreaker then tags in Homicide who comes in with a series of running attacks on Ryan. Ryan gets knocked down in the corner and gets massacred by Homicide and B-Boy and B-Boy finishes it with a running dropkick that sends Ryan to the outside. B-Boy with a spinning headscissors into the cross armbreaker. Homicide sends Lost to the outside then grabs Ryan with a submission as well for a short time but Ryan makes it to the ropes. Homicide gets tagged in and whips Ryan into the ropes for a double back elbow. B-Boy gets a came clutch on Ryan then gives up on it and tags in Homicide. Homicide takes Ryan down with a reverse chin breaker then tags in B-Boy who grabs Ryan with some crazy submission. Homicide tags in and chokes Ryan in the corner then starts delivering some stiff strikes. Homicide goes for the ace crusher off the top but Ryan avoids it and manages to land a superkick then tags in Lost. Lost comes in and takes out B-Boy and Homicide with some kicks. Lost climbs to the top rope then jumps onto Homicide on the outside. He comes back in and B-Boy catches him but Lost reverses it with an ace crusher for two. Ryan with a bridging northern lights suplex on Homicide for a two count. Homicide breaks up a double team attempt then hits a nice swinging fishermans’s buster. B-Boy grabs Ryan and Homicide clotheslines Ryan over into a backdrop driver. Ryan hits Homicide with a nice German suplex. B-Boy grabs Lost and drops him with a brainbuster. Homicide dragon screws Lost over and gets an STF and Lost makes it to the ropes. Ryan hits a backbreaker on B-Boy and Lost comes off with a splash on B-Boy across Ryan’s knee. Homicide lifts Ryan up and B-Boy comes off the top rope and takes Ryan off the shoulders of Homicide with a bulldog. Lost flips over out of a dragonscrew then takes a dropkick and goes into the ropes and B-Boy charges at Ryan for a shining wizard but Ryan grabs him and rolls him up for the three count.

Analysis: ***1/4 Not a bad match here but not a really good one either. B-Boy and Homicide both seem off their game in this match and don’t really take it to the X-Foundation like they normally do. The match is too long for what it is which is basically the X-Foundation getting squashed by Homicide & B-Boy before getting a fluke victory. The heat segment on Ryan was too long or could have been helped by targeting a specific body part and working it over. Then at the end they don’t even care to follow the rules as everybody is making covers and getting counts. A solid match but flawed.

Frankie Kazarian (c) vs. Adam Pearce (PWG Championship, Chicago Streetfight) (15:15) Pearce attacks Kazarian as he walks around the ring and rolls him in. Kazarian punches away at Pearce then whips him into the ropes and catches him with a leg lariat. Kazarian launches himself over the top rope with a crossbody block. He then pulls his belt off and whips away at Pearce then chokes him with the belt. Jason something or other interferes and smacks Kazarian in the back with a crutch. Pearce throws Kazarian over the podium then smacks Kazarian over the head with a serving tray then powerslams Kazarian on the outside. Pearce gets some popcorn and Kazarian scissor kicks him in the face then delivers a chairshot and rolls Pearce into the ring. Kazarian grabs a choke on Pearce and takes him down on the mat. Pearce pulls a chain out of his boot and punches Kazarian in the face with the chain. Pearce goes to the top and hits a fist drop with the chain. Kazarian rolls to the outside and Pearce jumps off the apron with an elbow drop to the back of Kazarian. Kazarian finds a helmet under the podium then hits Pearce with it several times. Pearce pokes Kazarian in the eye and hits him with a backbreaker then puts on the helmet. Pearce comes off with a diving headbutt on Kazarian for a two count. Pearce spears Kazarian for another two count. Kazarian face mask and pulls Pearce down to the mat. Pearce rolls Kazarian up for two then rolls out of the ring. Pearce goes for a piledriver on the outside but Kazarian reverses it with a backbody drop. Kazarian with a running chairshot to the back of Pearce. Kazarian with a stomp to the junk of Pearce sets the crutch up on the chair so he can legdrop it and send it into the junk of Pearce then dropkicks Pearce over for a two count. Pearce blocks the wave of the future and sends Kazarian into the ropes and spinebusters him. Pearce grabs a table and pulls it ringside. He lands a big chairshot on Kazarian then pulls it up to the apron. Pearce pulls Kazarian up on the apron and goes for a piledriver but Kazarian fights back and hits a crappy wave of the future through the table. Kazarian sends Pearce into the ring and covers him for two. Hardcore Kidd comes in and attacks Kazarian and hits him with a face buster but Babi Slymm comes in and takes out the Kidd. Pearce pours out some tacks in the ring. Pearce climbs up to the top rope but Kazarian charges and catches him with a superkick racking him up. Kazarian climbs up and goes for the flux capacitor but Kidd nails him with a chair and Pearce shoves him off into the tacks then hits a frog splash for the three count.

Analysis: ***½ A nicely down hardcore match between these two men. They have some nice spots in here but also have some nice wrestling to match it. Kazarian’s selling is a little suspect at times because he takes some pretty big bumps and keeps on fighting back but it’s not horrible. An entertaining way to finish off the show.

Recommendation: A good show but nothing amazing. They have two matches in the ***3/4 area which is good and most of the other matches are in the *** range although there are a few crappy matches early in the show. I can’t compare it to any other PWG shows since I haven’t seen any but it’s a good show and slightly recommended if you don’t have anything better to buy.

You can purchase the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Taste the Radness DVD by clicking here.

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