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As you already know, is filled with the highest class writers and columnists the world wide web can provide. Which is why it boggles the mind that Matt Aponte has his own page here. 

Matt Aponte considers himself a Quasi-Celebrity due to the fact he moonlights as an independent wrestler/manager in the North East of the United States. His home fed, USA Pro Wrestling (, is based in NY, however he does float around in some smaller New Jersey feds. Matt also writes columns - if you want to call what he does writing - for the leading Independent Wrestling News site on the planet, the Declaration of Independents ( or 

If you happen to live in the borough of the Bronx, home of the best professional baseball team ever assembled, you can watch Matt on his very own low budget public access show called "Matt TV" on Bronxnet Channel 68.

Matt, the self-proclaimed king of self-promotion and whoring out things for his own benefit, plans on bringing a new and unique style that he likes to call laziness to GumGod and hopes that this infectious style rubs off on the rest of the GumGod staff.

Matt Aponte a.k.a. "Matt Dawgs Da Infamous Angry Young Man" can be reached at and you can read his blog at


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