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Welcome back fans. I, Matt Dawgs, the column writing machine is back with yet another column. I decided to take a little break from the DOI Top 250 column to change the subject a bit and write a review on the September 17, 2004 USA Pro Wrestling show at the Amazura Concert Hall in Jamaica Queens, New York. Now before you read on, basically you can read my column which explains the gist of USA Pro shows here: (Matt looks at USA Pro). Finished reading yet? Good. Now on September 17, 2004, USA Pro Wrestling presented the "New Jack Retirement Show". For those who want a quick summary on New Jack and his career, you can follow GumGod Head Honcho Derek Burgan's RF Video Shoot review here: (The New Jack Shoot Interview).

For months leading up to this show, Not only was it promoted as New Jack's retirement match, but it was also promoted as the return of Perry Saturn. For those wondering, Saturn - a former ECW/WCW/WWE star - has been out of the spotlight for some time now. Reason being is that he was injured last April in Atlanta, Georgia. He was driving his girlfriend to work when they came up on two men attacking a woman and attempting to rape her. Saturn, a former US Army Ranger, defended the woman and pummeled the men. Unfortunately during the confrontation, he was shot in the neck shattering 3 vertebrae which caused him to undergo surgery to add titanium plates and steel screws in his neck. To make a long story short, Saturn was scheduled to make his big return to wrestling and the public eye on top of the New Jack match.

Neither was there.

I will give you a minute to read that again.

New Jack Retirement Show and Perry Saturn's big return and NEITHER GUY WAS THERE.

New Jack was unable to appear as he has a warrant for his arrest in NYC dating back to his ECW days. Apparently, a few hours before show time (as New Jack was in Philly visiting some friends), he was informed by his attorney in New York that someone had called the NYPD and informed them that he would be in NYC and that if he showed up at the Amazura Concert Hall in Queens, he would be arrested on sight. So New Jack figured it would be in his best interests not to go to jail and instead skip the show. Good call if you ask me. Try to make it to a show, possibly miss your match due to going to jail or stay in Philly and out of jail? No brainer.

As for Saturn, he has not been medically cleared to wrestle yet. He is 100% healed from his injuries however he has yet to take a bump in a wrestling ring and test out his neck. He figured he would take a few months to train before jumping back into things.

That being said, lets get onto the show~!~!~!~ The show began promptly at 7:00 PM on the dot. What's this? An Indy wrestling show that starts on time? Scandalous~!~!~

-1) The doors to the gym opened at 6:30 PM as opposed to the scheduled 6:00 PM opening. So basically the show started on time but people were still filtering in during the opening match. The show started with two of Homicide's prized students, Johnny "The Bison" Bravado & Steve "Monsta" Mack (formerly of the Hit Squad) taking on two of Steve Corino's prized students Alex Law & Ricky Landell. Right off the bat with the opening contest we have one of the many changes that happen the day of on USA Pro shows. Steve "Monsta" Mack was originally penciled in to wrestle against Perry Saturn. Now we know that Saturn couldn't be there and why but how do you move Monsta Mack from a top of the card match to the Curtain Jerking position? Got me. Anyway, I missed most of the match up until the finish as I was preparing to make my grand entrance in match number two. From what I hear however it was a solid match and Corino's guys looked impressive. Mack & Bravado picked up the win with A HUGE FROG SPLASH BY MACK (a 300+ pounder) on Law (not a 300+ pounder).

-2) Next up is where the many unscheduled changes of tonight continued. Originally, the "Physical Phenomenon" Poppalishus, accompanied by ME, was scheduled to face Tara Charisma in a number 1 contenders match for the woman's title. It so happens that upon arriving at the show, USA Pro Wrestling Promoter Frank Goodman notifies us that Tara will not be on the show and instead we were working with the man Tara usually manages, Wayne the Convenience Store Guy. Now Wayne is a very good worker and a hell of a guy. But in all honesty, Poppalishus has been feuding with April Hunter for the Women's title for several shows now and it makes no sense for Pop to be working with a man. But so be it. Wayne is good and they can have a good match. Especially since Tara will be at ringside so we can still use her. As the match was being prepared, it turns out that Tara was not going to be on the show at all. So no Tara at ringside. *shrugs*. Zero sense of logic but what can you do? The match began and tons of heat for Poppalishus and myself. A solid match that basically saw Pop dominate the most of it. The finish came when Wayne kicked out of the "Poppalishus Delight" (a version of the Roll the Dice) much to the surprise and joy of everyone in the arena. Fed up, I got on the ring apron at Pop's request and brought out my brass knuckles or "international object" ~ Jim Ross circa WCW days As I was being reprimanded by Sean "The Whole Reffin' Show" Hanson, Wayne low-blowed Pop and knocked me off the apron. As Hanson was stopping Wayne from continuing to pummel me, out came USA Pro Women's Champion April Hunter and nailed Poppalishus with "The Head Hunter". Wayne covered Pop for the 1, 2, 3. Poppalishus and I were irate as Wayne celebrated his stolen victory.

-3) Match 3 and change number 3. On the press release, the USA Pro Tag Title Match was listed as The Christopher Street Connection defending the tag team titles against the Spanish Announce Team of Joel and Jose Maximo. So why were the Maximo's booked in the third match of the night against The Grimm Reefer & Deranged? Got me. But who cares anyway? The match was fantastic. The S.A.T. were seconded by The Amazing Red. The story here is that Reefer and Deranged were teaming as they gained a mutual respect for each other based on their past feud in USA Pro as well as their common love for marijuana. Deranged took the majority of the offense from the SAT and was a beaten and battered man. This match was filled with innovative spots and high flying action. The match saw the SAT's work as heels and had a lot if interference from Red which was odd since they are all usually faces in USA Pro. The finish came as Deranged climbed the top rope and was planning on using a high flying move on Jose Maximo but Amazing Red crotched Deranged on the top allowing the Maximo's to finish him off with the "Spanish Fly"

-4) Women's Title action up as USA Pro Women's Champion April Hunter defended her belt against Miss Kara Slice. Kara, a former USA Pro women's standout was making her return to the company and looked good in her return. April dominated most of the match but was also on the receiving end of some vicious chops from Kara. The finish came as April nailed her with "the Head Hunter" After the match, Poppalishus and myself made our return to the ring and laid out April. Poppalishus then challenged her to ONE MORE MATCH, on November 19th in the very same Amazura Concert Hall. Pop was so convinced that he is going to beat her that he wants April in a bra and panties match. Pop is 100% positive that he is going to take her women's title that he wants to humiliate her and leave her naked in the ring. I have a feeling that Poppalishus just gone from being an up and coming heel to a top baby face for GumGod CEO Derek Burgan & adolescent 14 year old boys everywhere.

-5) In the "Why Are We Watching This Match?", The Masked Lunatic & Latin Stallion defeated Little Greatness & Travis Blackchurch. This match is the equivalent of listening to someone with long fingernails scratching them on a chalkboard or listening to Stephanie McMahon screech for 30 minutes straight (how does HHH do it?) . Calling this match horrendous is being kind. Masked Lunatic picks up the win, I don't remember how cause I have spent most of the past few days after the show trying to forget it.

-6) For the USA Pro United States Championship, "No Gimmicks Needed and SHOULD BE BACK IN THE WWE" Chris Candido w/ Tammy "Sunny" Sytch defeated Mike "The Shooter I lost to JBL in a squash match on Smackdown" Kruel in what was the match of the night. This match went almost 30 minutes and was a classic. Both guys took it to the other hard and fast (sounds kind of erotic so I will rephrase). Both guys worked their tails off and delivered in a big way. Candido looks lean and in shape, like if he were ready to return to the WWE as an associate of Simon Dean. Finish came as Kruel was setting up for a high risk move off the top but Candido stopped him and Super bombed him off the top for the win. After the match, both men shook hands and celebrated in the ring to a huge crowd ovation. There is no reason Candido, who is only 32, shouldn't be back in the WWE. I hope Al Snow's agent was watching so he can put in a word or something.

-7) The USA Pro Wrestling Tag Team match was scheduled up next and like I mentioned in Match 3, a change was made. In what was originally scheduled to be the Christopher Street Connection (Buff E. & "Eye Candy" Mace Mendoza), a tag team who is homosexual. (picture Rico from WWE multiplied by 1,000) to defend the belts against former champions "The Modern Marvel" Matt Stryker w/ Becky Bayless & "The Godfather of Cool" Simon Diamond. Unfortunately for Stryker, Simon was no where to be found as the Yankees were playing the Red Sox at the Stadium so Simon decided to skip the show and go check the game since you will probably never find a bigger Yankee fan on the planet. (in reality Simon was never booked for the show nor was he advertised.) Stryker decided to give it a go alone and fought the CSC by himself. For those who have never seen the CSC, I suggest you go out of your way to. There is not a more entertaining tag team in this business, anywhere. If you see a CSC match, you are guaranteed to be entertained. No team matches their charisma and fun. None. Anyway, the match was nothing but 100% fun and involved both Becky Bayless and Sean "the Whole Reffin' Show" Hanson as well. Several comedy spots ensued until Buff E. of the CSC clotheslined Becky. Out came former friend of Matt Stryker, "M-Tizzle" Mike Tobin to help and he managed to gain control of the match. He was on fire here. Until the CSC regained control and won the match with their "double team" finisher, "the Gay Basher" on Tobin. After the win, Papadon and Havok, along with manager "The Sure Thing" John Shane collectively known as the Solution came out and laid waste to everyone in the ring. Papadon hit Buff E. with a piledriver as John Shane issued a challenge for the next show. As they left, this is where the fright began.

As Buff E. lay in the ring selling, his partner came to check on him. Buff was not moving. Many of the fans thought he was doing a great sell job until Ref Hanson gave the dreaded X signal. 9 times out of 10, if this was the WWE, this would be an angle. But it isn't. This is the Indy's and when you see an X, IT IS REAL. Out came EC Negro of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz to check on Buff. Soon followed Monsta Mack and Bison Bravado. After finding the New York State Athletic Commission doctor and a few minutes later, the entire locker room flooded the ringside area. Buff was slowly able to regain feeling in his left arm and leg but was still unable to move his right side. The bottom rope was removed in order to prepare for the ambulance to come stretcher him out. Tammy "Sunny' Sytch must be mentioned here as she was one of the first to enter the ring and check on Buff. She calmed him down and spoke to him privately as Buff was beginning to panic and have an anxiety attack due to the obvious fright that comes from an injury like that. She relaxed him and helped him calm his nerves. I can only imagine what he was going through.

Now in a sign of how horrible wrestling can be, Papadon, the man who performed the move was visibly shaken as he stood on the stage and watched the ambulance perform their duty on Buff. Unfortunately he was not allowed to go to the ringside area to check on his condition since it would have broken "Kayfabe". Sometimes I wonder if wrestling is worth it in situations like there. Buff and Papadon both trained at the legendary Dog House under the watchful eye of Homicide. Papadon and Buff are friends outside the ring and Buff is close enough to Papadon to allow him to do a move like a piledriver on him. He trusted his friend enough to do a risky move that not many people use in wrestling. Papadon, being a friend was scared for his pal yet was not allowed to go check on his condition. ridiculous if you ask me. But what can you do? Fans were watching the whole thing go down. What would they have thought if they saw the man who injured him, sticking around to ask if he was ok? Anyway, Buff E. was taken to a nearby hospital for tests. As he was being carried out, he began to move his right hand and regain feeling in his right leg. So paralysis was obviously out of the question but he still could be seriously injured. Luckily, no fans were outside so Papadon was able to apologize to his friend and he and his partner accompanied him to the hospital in their car.

-8) 1 Hour after the Buff E. Incident began, the show continued. Just like that, the show must go on for the 600+ fans in attendance. Some reshuffling had to be done in order to get the crowd back into it after the somber mood they were in. So out comes Psycho and Rayza aka the Elm Street Kids along with their manager Penny Dreadful to face The Suicide Syndicate, Envy & Burn and the Suicide Kings, Johnny TNT & Xcalibur with Mr. Big. If you would have given me this match two years ago, I would have easily passed in order to go watch some paint dry. But boy what a difference some training and professional looks make. This match was good and everyone delivered. In what was a big scare, everyone decided to do some dives to the outside and you heard a lot of people hitting floor (and thus not being caught) which was nerve racking considering what we saw before this with Buff. But everyone was ok after the match. The Elm Street Kids pick up the win in a match that livened the crowd back from their somber slumber due to the aforementioned incident.

-9) Out came concession/bathroom break time as the Masked Maniac came out to do some talking. He explained New Jack's absence as well as the problems with running the show like the low attendance (even though 600 people may not be low to you, it is disappointing considering the last show at the same location drew about 900). Maniac then explained that New Jack is in the process of getting his legal troubles solved and would be at the November 19th show in his retirement match. During the speech, out came Lizard Schlong #4. Schlong #4 was out to get revenge for Schlong #3 who was squashed at the last show. Well this time would be no different as the Masked Maniac made short work of him and finished him off in about 15 seconds with 2 gut wrench powerbombs. Short and to the point is all I can say about this match.

-10) In what was a travesty of justice and a slap in the face to everyone in the back, Helter Skelter defeated Lowlife Louie Ramos, The New Dynamite Kid, Frankie Starz & Candy in a Hardcore Elimination Match. This is sickening and I will tell you why. Louie was scheduled to wrestle Madman Pondo in a death match. Pondo then found out that he was booked in Japan. 99% of all wrestlers on the planet will take a Japan booking before an Indy booking due to not only the financial gain, but because of the respect given in Japan. So that is fine. What is not fine is that Lowlife Louie, a man who bleeds to USA Pro for little money was being stuck in yet another hardcore match with people, (no offense to those in the match) who are not on Louie's level. Pondo pulled out of the match with ample time to find a suitable replacement for him and for Louie to face. Instead, he gets stuck with these guys. What makes it 100 times worse is that after some research, Sean the Mic (pronounced MICK) over at the DOI ( found out from some New Jersey wrestlers, where Helter Skelter is from, that Skelter paid USA Pro Wrestling pretty decent bucks to wrestle a BIG NAME. Well Skelter got what he wished for in what was a direct slap in the face to Lowlife Louie. Louie deserves more than that and in my eyes, should have and could have pulled a New Jack/Mass Transit incident in Queens. Kudos to Louie for being more professional than I would have been by letting Skelter go over. Thankfully USA Pro had some sense and had Strong Style Thug Boogalou run in and lay Louie out with some vicious chair shots to cost him the win.

-11) After the Hardcore match which saw some interesting choice of weapons by Louie including a baseball bat with light bulbs taped to them, Helter Skelter was celebrating when Balls Mahoney came out and talked some smack to Skelter and said that Boogalou beat Louie, not him. He then said that if he wanted a real challenge, he would face Balls. Balls then dispatched of Skelter with a pretty vicious beating which was ended with a Grade A, BRUTAL CHAIR SHOT to the cranium that sounded like a gunshot. 3 second later and Balls was your winner of the impromptu match.

-12) For the USA Pro Extreme Title, Champion Slyk Wagner Brown with April Hunter defeated Justin Credible. Now this was yet another change from the original line up. Slyk (who for some reason now spells it Slyck) was scheduled to face Matt Stryker. Stryker however wrestled in the Tag Team title match. Go figure. So Justin was penciled in. Justin, being the pillar of responsibility, showed up about 20 minutes before his match. After some pleading by people in the back, Justin was allowed to wrestle since he was originally yanked from the show by the powers that be. In Justin's defense, at least he delivered in the ring. He did not look like the Justin of old from ECW but he was still leap years ahead of the Justin who appears on other Indy shows lately. He and Slyk put it on and Slyk won with an out of character submission move.

-13) In the second best match of the night, Homicide defeated D-Lo Brown with a roll up. This match is the definition of psychology and D-Lo should be joining Candido on the road back to the WWE. D-Lo looked very good out there and his frequent trips to Japan are sure helping his abilities. The entire match told the story of D-Lo working over Homicide's injured back (he injured his back in a car accident the previous week causing him to miss the Ring of Honor show on 9/11) causing Homicide to not be able to get off certain signature moves such as the Cop Killa. D-Lo almost finished Homicide with a Shining Wizard but Homicide kicked out. D-Lo then got rolled up in a victory roll for the pin. D-Lo did some mic work and praised Homicide saying that he was as good as they say he is. He then shook Homicide's hand and said that they would meet again down the road.

As soon as Homicide was near the entrance way, "It's Raining Men" began to play over the loud speakers and out came both Mace Mendoza and Buff E. of the Christopher Street Connection. Buff was walking, gingerly, but walking nonetheless. He was in tears as he cut a promo on the mic thanking everyone in the locker room and in the building for showing concern. A huge BUFF E. Chant broke out. Buff gave special thanks to Tammy "Sunny" Sytch and Low-Ki (who had just arrived at the arena and ran straight to the ring when Buff was hurt). He also thanked Homicide and hugged him (since Homicide was his trainer). He gave special thanks to Mace and said that being "gay" is not just a gimmick and he said that it was Mace's voice and courage that helped him. He thanked Mace, kissed him and proposed MARRIAGE TO HIM!!!!! Frank Goodman then took the mic and asked the fans if they wanted it. A huge yes was let out and it was settled. November 19th, the Christopher Street Wedding.

-14) EC Negro of the Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz (w/ Deranged & an Injured KC Blade) defeated "Everyone's Favorite Wrestler" Dan Barry w/Tara Charisma & Southern Vinny Stylin in a three way dance. Now read that sentence again as well please. Did you read it? Now go back and read the review of the Poppalishus vs. Wayne match. Notice anything? Yes, you are smarter than you look. Tara Charisma, the same Tara who was not going to work the match against Poppalishus. The same Tara who was not going to manage Wayne. The same Tara who was not going to be used at all, ended up managing Dan Barry for no apparent reason. Welcome to the wonderful world of Indy wrestling folks. Anyway, this match was the first singles match for EC Negro in USA Pro wrestling (Negro was worked as a singles in a few other promotions but never in USA Pro which is technically his home fed. He and his partner, KC Blade make up the Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, a team who had made quite a name for themselves in the North East) Anyway, Blade is suffering from a severe neck injury that is going to require him being out of action for a minimum of 8 months. So EC Negro has a chance to make a real mark on the Indies while Blade is recovering. And tonight, Negro did just that by picking up the victory here. Let's just hope Negro doesn't forget his partner once he is ready to return to action.

-15) Up next was yet another change to the line-up. Jay Lethal defeated The Amazing Red in a singles match. Originally this was scheduled to be a three way dance also featuring B-Boy from California. B-Boy however was at IWA-Mid South's Ted Petty Invitational the day before. On the way to New York for USA Pro, his flight was delayed in Kentucky. Now being the true professional that B-Boy is, he phoned USA Pro Wrestler promoter Frank Goodman a good 20 to 30 times between Kentucky and New York to let him know exactly where he was and what his time to arrive looked like. Unfortunately though, when B-Boy arrived, jet lagged and frustrated for arriving late, it was during the Buff E. incident. Buff is a friend of B-Boy (as when B-Boy is on the East Coast, he hangs with Homicide and the rest of the Doghouse Crew). He was so shaken up from seeing that scenario that he asked if he could be pulled off the card. Goodman offered anyone for that matter who wanted off the card after the Buff E situation to be pulled however only B-Boy accepted. Normally, a match between Jay Lethal and Red could headline any Indy promotion in the country. But tonight was different. I am going to break some news here that some people may or may not know. The Amazing Red is not 100% He was accompanied to the ring by the Maximo Brothers a.k.a. The SAT. and through the course of the match, the SAT's ended up not only interfering, but taking the majority of big bumps. The match however, while solid, didn't click like it should have. Red just wasn't doing the things that make him Amazing. Let's just hope he isn't working through serious pain because re-injuring his surgically repaired knee could be devastating to his young career. Lethal picked up the win with a dragon suplex.

-16) In the ticket sellers extraordinaire match, Rob Vegas defeated Malta the Damaja w/ Johnny Diamond & The Diamond Vixxen, Jimmy Hustler & Danny Demanto. Clusterf*ck is a nice way to explain this match. What makes this match better is that afterwards, while I was in the locker room, Jimmy Hustler explained to me that Rob Vegas WASN'T SCHEDULED TO WIN!!!! The booking had Malta going over. When it was time to go home, Hustler told Malta to hit him with a power bomb and wrap it up. Malta hit the power bomb and decided to go find someone else to beat on. Hustler, being the veteran of the match, decided to stick it to Malta for disobeying him and told Vegas to roll him up for a pin. Vegas, happy to be getting a W in his first USA Pro match gladly accepted. After the pin fall, Malta decided to go into business for himself and fight with Vegas up the ramp way (which is prohibited by USA Pro Wrestling without permission) and into the locker room. Backstage, Malta was scolded however Malta defended himself by stating that he deserves more than what he is getting and no joke, actually told Frank Goodman that he should be wrestling people like Low-Ki instead of four ways and gauntlet matches. He did have a good match with Chris Candido once in Jersey for another promotion but that was because Candido carried him. Goodman told Malta that if Candido wanted to be a d*ck and unprofessional, he could have shot on him and injured him. To which Malta replied, "I took Jiu Jitsu and Muy Thai Boxing". WTF???? I guess he forgot to mention to Goodman that he also smokes crack too. Anyway, I really doubt we will see Malta wrestle Low-Ki on the next show. And if Goodman wants to be a d*ck, maybe we will and maybe Malta will "learn" something from Low-Ki. Like how to get your ass handed to you royally.

-17) The traditional spot fest match came next with Backseat Boy Trent Acid vs. "The Shady Show" Jack Evans. Originally Acid was supposed to be accompanied by his partner Johnny Kashmere while Evans was going to be accompanied by Teddy Hart. Hart told Goodman he was unable to wrestle Deranged as scheduled cause his hand was broken. I spoke to Hart earlier in the day and asked how he broke his hand. Here is the gist of our conversation.

MATT: Sup man, I'm Matt, pleasure to meet you. 

HART: God bless you man. I'm Teddy. 

MATT: So I hear you're not working tonight. Broke your hand huh? Who were you working with? 

HART: Oh no, I didn't break it in a match. I broke it in a fight. 

MATT: Yeah? What happened? 

HART: I was in Calgary and I was driving home when I saw this man about 6'7" beating on some homeless guy, eh. So I got out of my car to break it up and this guy apparently got pissed off that I was stopping it. So I punched him down. When he was down, I punched him right in the forehead and broke my hand. I then got pissed off so I kicked his ass some more.

MATT: (trying not to laugh) Wow.

Anyway, like I mentioned, both men were to be seconded by their respective partners. What I find funny is that come match time, NEITHER KASHMERE or HART were anywhere to be found. So Acid and Evans went at it alone. Now if you were looking for a mat classic (see Brian Danielson vs.. Austin Aries) you won't find it here. This match lacked any semblance of psychology or logic. Just sick looking spot after sick looking spot. I will say that I enjoyed this match and they only blew one spot where Acid went for an elbow that hit nothing but air yet Evans sold it like he got hit with a bat. Besides that, all was well. In an interesting spot, Acid noticed that he had no table so he improved and made his own makeshift table using a lot of chairs. Acid placed Evans on the chairs outside the ring, moonsaulted onto him knocking all the chairs down. Incredible. The finish came when Acid KILLED Evans with a reverse brain buster onto an open chair looking like Evans neck was broken. I don't know why others complain or knock Acid but Trent Acid can go.

-18) In the first of our double main event, "The Assassin" Dan Maff defeated Balls Mahoney with a roll up. This match was fantastic and went back and forth including Maff hitting the "Burning Hammer" on Balls (which was a sight to see) but the ref was down. Balls had Maff beat several times but Maff kept storming back. After the match, a bloodied Balls challenged Maff to a NO DQ Match in November and chased Maff back to the locker room area. During Balls' promo, he did make a comment on USA Pro not being "Ring of Pedophiles" which in my eyes was a shot at Rob Feinstein who was in attendance selling his RF Video's. Balls has been open about Rob stating that he hates what Rob "did".

-19) And the final match of the evening with a nice early start time of 12:30 AM on Saturday morning, Al Snow defeated Low-Ki with help from D-Lo Brown and HEAD. Funny fact, earlier in the show I was shooting the breeze with Poppalishus and Al Snow discussing various topics. Poppalishus asked Al is he was psyched to fight Low-Ki later on. Al's response, "I don't know who he is." If this doesn't deserve mainstream press I don't know what does. Poppalishus then informed Al that he has wrestled Dark matches for WWE before and works for TNA and Al still said he doesn't know who he is. Blasphemy. Anyway, this was a very solid match and showed me that the WWE has no clue how to use their talent. Al still has it and showed it against Low-Ki even taking Ki's stiff chops and kicks. The finish came when Ref Hanson (who reffed the whole damn show) took a bump, or maybe collapsed from exhaustion? Anyway, Hanson went down and D-Lo Brown came out and laid Snow out with the "Sky-High" behind Low-Ki's back (who was selling Al's "SNOWPLOW FINISHER") When Ki stood up, D-Lo told Ki to cover him. Ki, realizing that Al had hit him with his finisher and magically collapsed figured out that D-Lo had something to do with it and refused to win the title that way. Al however recovered and laid out Ki with HEAD for the win. D-Lo, upset that Ki didn't get the win laid both Ki and Snow out after the match and stood with the title belt over his head as the show finally ended at 1:05 AM.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another action packed USA Pro Show review. The show would have actually ended around midnight which would have been some sort of record for ending early if it wasn't for the Buff incident which took about an hour. Still, the shows need to be cut down and some talent needs to go. I don't care how many tickets some people sell or how much money is paid to the promoter to work a "legend", certain guys have to never be brought back again.

The entrance from the stage to the ring needs to be changed. Seriously. It is ridiculous that people have to walk around to the side of the stage and then walk to the ring as opposed to walking straight is crazy. It is like navigating a maze to get to ringside.

The Buff E. situation really hit home for everyone. Some people in this business are assh*les. Some just not likeable. But Buff is not one of those guys. You can tell just by the amount of people who went to ringside to check on him. He is loved by all and the concern shown by everyone really touched him when he got back as he thanked everyone personally and was really heartfelt in his feelings for everyone. When he gave his speech, he was crying like a newborn as he has never been so scared in his life and didn't realize how many of the boys care about him.

Other than that, the show was a success in my eyes. Sure they attendance was down but that had to do with plenty of different factors. Hopefully, the New Jack Retirement show in November will come off without any problems and hitches and attendance will be up. See you all soon when my DOI Top 250 recaps continue.


SPECIAL THANKS TO: USA Pro Wrestling (, Frank Goodman, The Declaration of Independents (, Sean "The Mic" McCafferey, Mike Zevon, MA Viper, Joel Grayson, Robert Payes, Stiff Shots Photography (, April Hunter (, Derek Burgan, FSNB

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