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Mike Rickard has been watching wrestling since the Jurassic Age (which makes him older than dirt but considerably younger than Bruce Mitchell).  When he's not fulfilling his court-mandated obligations, he enjoys watching the Sport of Kings with a six pack and a bottle of Vicodins (it helps him feel like one of the boys). 

A frequent visitor to Pro Wrestling Torch's VIP Forum (where he is better known as "NidiaFan"), he is a record holder for using the phrase "dumb c-nt" more than any other VIP member. 

Rickard is best known for his appearances on NWA's albums "Straight Outta Compton" and "Efil4zaggin" as the voice of Whitey. 

Totally lacking any real knowledge of wrestling (or common sense for that matter), he brings with him a large disposable income and hopes to further contribute to the Internet Wrestling Community, and more importantly the GumGod family of products. 

M. Night Rickard can be reached at Kingmo69@aol.com and has a PayPal account available to make donations to. 

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