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This Month's Rasslin’ Birthdays!  


By Brian Davis

02 - Lex Luger- Former WCW and WWE superstar, known for his Torture Rack as well as his surgically repaired "loaded" forearm. Rode around in a bus called the "Lex Express", and recently his legal problems have forced him to ‘ride the bus’ once again. Towards the end of WCW, he died, and was reborn as the TOTAL PACKAGE and forming Team Package with Ric Flair and Team Buff with Buff Bagwell.  Former World Wrestling All-Stars champion.  


04 - Gorilla Monsoon- Famed Wrestler & beloved play by play announcer. His son, WWE referee Joey Marella, died in a car crash during the ‘90s.  Was known for his fetish for talking about reinforcing the ring during big man matches and the term Gorilla Position was named after him.  





04 - Mikey Whipwreck - The original member of the ECW’s “ring crew express.”   





06 - Ahmed Johnson - First African-American IC Champ in WWE, was released by the WWE because he had accidentally injured too many wrestlers due to his careless, also was Big T as part of New Harlem 2000 in WCW and actually feuded with Booker T over the rights to the letter “T.”    





07 - Mick Foley - The Real Wrestling "God" (shut up JBL!!) ,if you look in the dictionary under Hardcore you would see his dentally challenged mug smiling back at you. Noted author and sock lover.  


07 - The Original Sheik - The definite originator of the bloody hardcore matches, a legend in Japan and his native Detroit was known less for his wrestling ability and more for his stabbing ability.  As seen in “I like to hurt people” a wonderful 1970’s documentary that was controversial at the time for Ox Baker revealing the secrets of the heart punch on camera.  




08 - Tatanka- a/k/a Chris Chavis - Native American superstar, decent in the ring, awesome war dance, but after a heel turn to the Million Dollar Corporation on Lex Luger, became unpopular & was subsequently scalped (career wise) by the WWE. Still wrestles independents and has his own vitamin line.    




09 - Dan Severn - The Beast, Ultimate Fighting competitor and was partly trained by Al Snow to compete in the WWE. Known for his feuds with Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock, as well as his Joseph Stalin mustache..







11 - Magnum TA - former US title holder in NWA/WCW, if you ever get the chance, watch his best of seven series for the US belt vs. Nikita Koloff (still brings an appreciative tear to my eyes). Sadly his career was cut short by an auto accident.  



11 - Mike Enos - former AWA tag team champion along with Wayne Bloom, was known as the Destruction Crew. They were the first tag team to win the PWI rookie(s) of the year), Wrestled in WCW (as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew) .The team also wrestled in the WWE as the Beverly Bros with The Coach Jon Tolos, and then the Genius, as their manager.  Enos then would become enhancement talent for WCW, going as high as a PPV match against Chris Benoit at Souled Out ‘99 and as low as WCW Saturday Night feuds with both the Gambler, the Golfer, and Barry Horwitz.   

13 - Jacque Rougeau - part of the famous Canadian wrestling family, tagged with his brother Raymond "the Mountie" Rougeau,as the "Fabulous Rougeau Brothers" in the WWE. Was the better singer on their all American boys theme.  Loves Barry Manilow, became an announcer with the WWE.    





14 - Bruiser Brody - tragically this legend died in Puerto Rico, after being stabbed by Jose Gonzalez (Invader I) backstage during a fight. Gonzalez was later acquitted by a jury because of self defense. Many wrestlers, including Mick Foley, site this as the reason they do not work in Puerto Rico. Highlights include Brody’s matches in Japan, the Japanese fans running wildly from him wielding a chain to the tune of Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”, and of course shooting on Lex Luger during a cage match.  


14 - Buzz Sawyer - The Mad Dog sadly passed away at the young age of 32, former UWF & WCW competitor. Was Stone Cold before Stone Cold was cool, way ahead of his time. Best known for his incredible feud with Wildfire/The Big Don Tommy Rich in Georgia including their cage The Last Battle of Atlanta match.  Also a member of Gary Hart’s “J-Tex corporation” in WCW.  


15 - Brad Armstrong - member of the Armstrong wrestling family, the "Candy Man" (“Arachnaman”, “BA (no limit soldier)”, “Badstreet”, “Buzzkill”) could've used a charisma transfusion from his younger brother Brian "Road Dog' Armstrong.  


15 - Chris Benoit - the "Rabid Wolverine" was known as the Pegasus Kid earlier during his career for New Japan. Tenacity is his middle name, the working man's wrestler.    





15 - Scott Norton - former arm wrestling champ, started in AWA as  Scott "Flash" Norton, part of the NWO in WCW. Multiple time IWGP world heavyweight champion for New Japan. One of the most underrated strong men, in the business. Best known for his tag teams with Buff Bagwell (Vicious & Delicious) and Ice Train (FIRE & ICE).  The eventual feud blowoff between Ice Train vs. Scott Norton at Fall Brawl 1996 in a submissions match almost made Keith Lipinski give up wrestling for good.  

16 - Ultimate Warrior - former WWE champ made a brief (and lame) return to both WWE and WCW, most recently had some PR problems after a university visit for putting down gays and telling a man of middle eastern descent to go get a towel after being asked a question by him. The Warrior Rants On !!!!       




19 - The Sandman - ECW legend, known for spilling his blood, but not his beer! Once dropped his pants at an ECW show in Florida. Great father to Tyler who turned on his dad at the age of 7 in an incredible ECW angle.    




20 - Koko B. Ware - was part of the very first match on RAW vs. Yokozuna.      




22 - John Tenta - the man formally known as Earth Quake (Avalanche, Shark, big John Tenta, Golga) has wrestled for WWE & WCW, sadly has been battling cancer as of late.    



26 - JJ Dillon - The brains of the 4 Horsemen for years, also has worked for the WWE and WCW front offices.         



30 - Terry Funk- one of the legendary Funk Bros. He has held too many titles to list. Has influenced so many wrestlers they should form a support group.






This Month's Pot Shots for June  

WWF @ Milwaukee, WI - June 2, 1995 WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Razor Ramon in a ladder match -in an ironic twist, alcohol has defeated Scott Hall in Jarrett's TNA.  

WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - June 10, 1995 Skip defeated Aldo Montoya. -Mr. "No Gimmicks Needed" defeating Mr. Lame Gimmick, one of the many gifts left by Chris Candido.  

WWF @ Birmingham, England - NEC Arena - June 21, 1995 Shawn Michaels pinned IRS with the superkick. -It's always been a dream of mine & many others to SuperKick the IRS!! It was a shame to have a wrestler of Mike Rotunda's caliber be put into such a lame gimmick.  

King of the Ring 95 - Philadelphia, PA - CoreStates Spectrum - June 25, 1995 Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler with the Sharpshooter at 9:20 in a Kiss My Foot match after outside interference from Hakushi backfired; after the bout, Hart forced Lawler to kiss his feet before having him kiss Lawler's own feet. -"Gag" umm... excuse me I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.  

WWF @ Danville, PA - June 26, 1995 Monday Night Raw taping: 6/26/95 – included Shawn Michaels, subbing for Jerry Lawler, as a guest commentator alongside Vince McMahon; included a vignette in which Jerry Lawler visited his dentist Dr. Isaac "Kane" Yankem in order to plot revenge on Bret Hart (Yankem’s TV debut) - If you think Ol' Kane is ugly now, you should have seen him as Dr. Yankem, inspired the revised edition of the old Irish ballad "Green Sleeves" now called "Green Teeths".  

WWF @ Bethlehem, PA - Stabler Arena - June 27, 1995 (2,000) WWF Superstars taping WWF World Champion Diesel defeated Psycho Sid. - Just think if these 2 met today in a match, they'd move so slow you would need a 2 year time limit.


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