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This Month's Rasslin’ Birthdays!  


By Brian Davis

02 - Bret Hart - the Excellence of Execution, one of the most technically sound grapplers Ever! Was awarded the Order of Canada, for his lifetime of charity work. Has held both WWE & WCW championships. Member of the famed Hart family, he was trained by his father the legendary Stu Hart in the famous "Dungeon" and screwed by Vincent Kennedy McMahon in the infamous Montreal Screwjob.

04 - Barry Windham - former WWE tag champ along with partner Mike Rotundo battled against Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik during the Rock & Wrestling era. Former WCW Champion, is the son of legendary grappler "Black Jack" Mulligan. Wrestled under a mask as the Yellow Dog and once impersonated Sting.




05 - Hillbilly Jim - initially first appeared on the Memphis wrestling scene, with a biker gimmick was called Harley Davison, was used as a "Hillbilly" audience plant, then "discovered" by Vinny Mac, was then trained by the Hulkster in a series of vignettes. After retirement, he has worked in the WWE Video & Media Department.


05 - Jerry Saggs - member of the Nasty Boys along with Brian Knobbs. Purveyor of the "Pit Stop' both him and Knobbs have held WWE & WCW tag titles, Nasty Boys were the 1994 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Tag Team Of The Year. Well known to be one of the laziest workers of all time.




09 - Marc Mero - this former Golden Gloves boxer, was most popular in WCW as Jonny B. Badd where he held the TV title, and held the Intercontinental Title in WWE as "Wildman Marc Mero" was married to Sable (freakin meow!!) Mero,




09 - Kevin Nash - was discovered by Dusty Rhodes, originally debuted as Oz in a match against Ron Simmons in WCW, has held World and Tag Team titles in both WWE & WCW. "Big Daddy Cool" is currently shooting a movie called "Dead or Alive" (a film adaptation of the popular video game series) as the character Bass. Had a major scene in the movie “The Punisher.”






09 - Tommy Young - Referee in WCW's heyday started out as a wrestler but moved to officiating duties because of his love for the sport. Had to quit officiating in 1989 following an incident that occurred after Tommy Rich messed up a spot during a match with Mike Rotundo, causing Young to hit the ring ropes at a weird angle jamming his vertebrae and spine up. He set standards for future refs to sell a match better.

10 - Billy Jack Haynes - when he first started out was known as just "Billy Jack" til he was threatened to be sued by Tom Laughlin, the Billy Jack in the films. The strong man from Oregon used the Full Nelson (not Master Lock!!) as his finisher, was popular in the WWE. He also wrestled briefly in WCW as the masked Black Blood.




10 - Johnny Grunge - former member of Public Enemy with Rocco Rock (R.I.P. Rocco.) in ECW & WCW where they held Tag Titles. Standard bearers for any ECW tag team. Johnny's finisher is the Table Bomb. Was hazed in his first WWE match against the APA when JBL and Farooq worked ultra stiff.




11 - Butch Reed - was part of the tag team Doom with Ron Simmons which held tag titles in WCW, went to WWE where he dyed his hair blond and became "The Natural". Debuted in 1978. Use to watch him feud with Rufus R. Jones in the Mid States territory of the NWA. Was very underrated.






11 - King Kong Bundy - holds the record at WrestleMania of the quickest pin, when he beat S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones in 9 seconds, has appeared on the show "Married With Children" as Uncle Irwin Bundy 3 times.





13 - Sean Waltman - originally known as the Lightning Kid in GWA (a short lived wrestling federation) came to the WWE where he was christened the 1,2,3 Kid after an upset win over Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall, was a member of wrestling super groups Degeneration X & the NWO. Recently was portrayed in a real bad way by the producers of VH1's The Surreal Life. In 1997 after suffering a broken neck, instead of sending a get well card, WCW instead sent him a termination notice. Still bounced back. Trained by Boris "The Great" Malenko.



14 - Bubba Ray Dudley - member of the Dudley Boyz with D-Von Dudley has held tag titles in WWE, WCW & ECW. Able to transform from heel to face and back effortlessly, when he tells D-Von to "get the table" everyone cheers! The Dudley's are possibly one of the best well oiled tag team machines, ever!! Fantastic stuttering gimmick in ECW.



14 - Jeff Jarrett - the "King of the Mountain" Is also Vice President of TNA, has held to many titles to list, son of former pro wrestler and legendary promoter Jerry Jarrett. A face while younger, he has become an effective heel. Truly without the Jarretts, we would not have an alternate to the Juggernaut known as the WWE.



15 - Jesse Ventura - former Navy SEAL, WWE Wrestler, WWE Announcer, Actor & former Governor of Minnesota is just among the few things this talented individual has done. By far one of the Best Heel Announcer's ever. Used to feud with a young Paul Ellering in the old AWA, also former AWA Tag Team title holder with the late "Adorable" Adrian Adonis.



17 - Edouard Carpentier - The Flying Frenchman was popular in the mid 50's and 60's was an innovator of the high speed acrobatic wrestling all of us enjoy today. Was the first recognized AWA World Champion.

18 - Al Snow - has helped train many wrestler's, the best announcer WWE Heat has had, I still miss his Bobbaganuch family tree references. Was the producer of one of the most famous practical jokes ever when during his angle w/ the Big Bossman (R.I.P.) about Pepper the Chihuahua, he held up a poster of Pepper with a phone number and the words "have you seen me? if so call" well the phone # on the poster was none other than Val Venis' personal cell phone #, it took ol' Val a couple of hours of fans calling constantly, to learn the truth.



18 - Carlos Colon - a Puerto Rico wrestling legend, father of Carlito Caribbean Cool. He wrestled briefly for the WWE in 1991. He sports over 70 scars on his forehead alone & wears them proudly !!

19 - Robert Gibson - one half of the Rock-n-Roll Express held NWA tag titles w/ Ricky Morton 8 different times, Jerry Lawler was the one that put those 2 together in 1983. Gibson still wrestles and runs a wrestling training facility in Columbus, Mississippi.

21 - Sky Low Low - former NWA World Midget Champion, was known as "the little Atlas of the wrestling world" Had a match against Little Beaver in front of Queen Elizabeth of England, considered one of the greatest midget wrestlers of all time.





21 - Bob Orton Sr.- Father of Cowboy Bob "Ace" Orton Jr, grandfather of Randy Orton, held numerous titles in the NWA & AWA. Held WWE tag titles w/ the mega legendary Buddy Rogers.

22 - Fabulous Moolah - started out as a valet for "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers called "Slave Girl Moolah" was trained by legendary female grapplers Mildred Burke & Mae Young. Defeated Judy Grable in 1956 for the Women's Title, held on to the title for 28 years before losing to Wendi Richter in 1984. She still does bits for the WWE along with one of her trainer's Mae Young. As the masked “Spider Lady,” once pulled a swerve on Wendi Richter and won the WWE Women’s belt in NY.



22 - Shawn Michaels - The Heart Break Kid, started out in the AWA teaming w/ Marty Jannety as The Midnight Rockers (a blatant play on the Midnight Express & Rock-n-Roll Express names) Where they held the titles. After moving to the WWE they tagged for a few years, then parted. After Shawn started wrestling singles he took off for stardom, with his cat like reflexes it didn't take long to see why he is called "The Show Stopper".




26 - Tommy Rich - Wild Fire started wrestling in 1974,Beat Harley Race for the NWA World Title in 1981,was known for his many feuds including the late Eddie Gilbert, Austin Idol, the late Buzz Sawyer & many more. Was a member of the Full Blooded Italians in ECW. held many titles in the AWA & NWA.






27 - Greg Gagne - son of legendary amateur & professional Wrestler Verne Gagne, he was part of famed AWA tag team "The High Flyers" with Jumping Jim Brunzell. A good solid meat and potato's technical wrestler, he first started as a referee. After the dissolution of his Daddy's AWA, Greg retired from the business. Had a quick, uncredited part in the movie Highlander.

27 - Hunter Hearst Helmsley - "The Game" was trained by Killer Kowalski, won the Teenage Mr. New Hampshire body building contest at the age of 19, Debuted as Terra Ryzing in the IWF, kept the name for a time in WCW where he changed it to Jean-Paul Levesque (a derivative of his real name Paul Levesque) Headed for greener pastures in the WWE, where he is always a perennial contender for the world title which he has held 10 times. Is married to Stephanie McMahon.




29 - Lou Albano - The Captain was one of the major forces behind the whole Rock-n-Wrestling connection which brought wrestling into more main stream media in the 80's.Has been involved in wrestling for over 40 years, started out in the late 50's as a member of "the Scicilians" with Tony Altimore, but is primarily known for being a manager of too many numerous wrestlers to list.


29 - Scott Steiner - A two-time All-American wrestler out of University of Michigan, former WCW World Heavy Weight Champion, former WCW & WWE Tag Champion w/ his brother the "Dog Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner. "Big Poppa Pump" has lost some jump but still has one of the best physiques in wrestling. Creator of the Frankensteiner (after throwing someone into the ropes he would deliver a huracanrana to them) one of the most breath defying moves ever!



31 - Johnny Ace - was a member of the "Dynamic Dudes" with Shane Douglas, is Vice President of Talent Development for the WWE, Brother of Road Warrior Animal.

This Month's Pot Shots for July

WWF @ Medford - July 16, 1995 Bam Bam Bigelow defeated King Kong Bundy - C'Mon everyone! Don't you agree this match had the potential to be the greatest Weight Watchers commercial ever produced?

In Your House #2 - Nashville, TN - Municipal Auditorium - July 23, 1995 WWF World Champion Diesel pinned Psycho Sid (w/ Ted Dibiase) in a lumberjack with a boot to the face after fending off several of Sid's lumberjacks; lumberjacks included: King Kong Bundy, Kama, IRS, the Heavenly Bodies, Rad Radford, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Tatanka, Men on a Mission, Henry Godwinn, Jacob & Eli Blu, Skip, Jean Pierre Laffiette, Mantaur, Savio Vega, Bam Bam Bigelow, Razor Ramon, Bob Holly, Duke Drose, Man Mountain Rock, Fatu, Techno Team 2000, the Smoking Gunns, the 1-2-3 Kid, Adam Bomb, & Shawn Michaels; the match saw interference by King Mabel as he attacked Diesel on the floor and Shawn Michaels as he hit a double axe handle off the top onto Sid who was on the floor - Kevin Nash is set to play Bass in the upcoming movie version of Dead or Alive (based on the popular video game series) So does that make the lumberjacks a bunch of Bass Kickers?

WWF @ St. Louis, MO - Kiel Center - July 26, 1995 WWF Wrestling Challenge taping (the final taping before the show was cancelled): WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart defeated Jerry Lawler & Hakushi when Hakushi submitted to Hart's Sharpshooter- If Bret would have only knew about the screw that happened 2 years later.....

WWF @ Stateline, NV - July 29, 1995 WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna defeated Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith Who would have imagined out of these 4 talented grapplers the only one not taken too soon would be the one known as the Narcissus


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