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This Month's Rasslin’ Birthdays!  


By Brian Davis

01 - Bunkhouse Buck -
Held the WCW Tag Team Title along with "Dirty" Dick Slater. Started wrestling in 1968 at an Alabama wrestling promotion owned by his father as Jimmy Golden. Also the cousin of Robert "Colonel Rob Parker" Fuller who he still tags up with on independent shows, a native of Bucksnort, Tennessee.





01 - D-Von Dudley - Member of the famed Dudley Boyz, was trained by Johnny Rodz. He has co-held 1 WCW, 8 ECW & 9 WWE Tag Team titles. He has helped destroy so many tables, he should be a spokesman for The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association. Had a disastrous run as a singles wrestler in the Reverend D-Von gimmick.





04 - Dean Malenko - Son of Boris "the Great" Malenko, known as the man of a thousand holds. Malenko is in the upper echelon of technically sound grapplers. One of the most innovative minds in wrestling he helped create such moves as the Crippler Crossface & The Dudley Death Drop. Held the WWE light weight, 4 time WCW cruiserweight, 2 time ECW Television, WCW U.S. , WCW & ECW Tag Team (w/ Chris Benoit) titles.


05 - Pat Tanaka - Teamed with Paul Diamond in the AWA as Bad Company where they held the Tag Titles. They were managed by Diamond Dallas Paige. Both wrestled in the WWE as The Orient Express, managed by Mr. Fuji, and relegated to opening matches.





05 - Stan Lane - The "Gangster of Love" was trained by the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Started out teaming with Steve "Gator" Keirn as the Fabulous Ones, then moved to the then NWA (WCW) to replace Dennis Condrey in the Midnight Express with "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, where they won 3 U.S. tag team titles and 1 World tag team title. Left the NWA shortly after Ted Turner's purchase of the company, headed to Smoky Mountain Wrestling where he formed yet another tag team with Tom Pritchard as the Heavenly Bodies who went on to win the SMW tag titles 5 times. Sweet Stan still wrestles on independent shows.


06 - Dino Bravo - The "World's Strongest Man" held many Canadian titles until teaming with Dominic Denucci in 1977 to win the then WWWF Tag Titles. Once had a match cancelled by the WWE in 1986 up in Montreal because the promotion didn't want Hulk Hogan to get booed by the Canadian fans who were very much in love with Dino. Sadly was found dead w/ multiple gunshot wounds to his body in March of '93. An excellent heel in the U.S. but beloved in Canada.


08 - Sable - This vivacious vixen is a former WWE Women's Champion, Playboy Model & Actress. She played a female bouncer in 2001's" Corky Romano" plus has starred in a few low budget films. Her on again/off again romance with Brock Lesnar seems to be dependent on Brock’s financial status. Was formerly married to WCW wrestler Mark “Johnny B. Badd” Mero.



10 - Typhoon - Used to wrestle down in Florida as the Big Steele Man, came to the WWE where he adopted the short lived moniker Tug Boat, then became WWE Tag Team Champion along with the Earth Quake (John Tenta) as the Natural Disasters. While in WCW he debuted as the Shockmaster where while making his entrance he tripped on the way to the ring, and I'll bet he is still embarrassed to this day about that.


11 - Bill Alfonzo - Had been a referee for almost every major promotion, then joined ECW as a trouble shooting referee It wasn’t long after that when Fonzie became the "Manager of Champions". Managed Taz, RVD & Sabu, Bill was not afraid to spill blood and lost about 30% of his own blood in an infamous match against Beulah McGillicutty. Once appeared on the Judge Mathis show as a defendant in a case against Missy Hyatt over some damage to Hyatt's Porsche. Hyatt won $500.00 in damages. One of the funniest men in wrestling and can be seen in the recent shoot interview Extreme Summit.



12 - Terry Taylor - An extremely underrated talent. Trained by Johnny Powers, debuted against Bugsy McGraw in 1979 , has wrestled in the UWF, NWA, WCW & WWE among others, where he held numerous titles (though not in the WWE). Was saddled with the worst gimmick I've ever seen, the Red Rooster!!!! Now works for NWA/TNA Wrestling. Chose the name “Terry” in recognition of his favorite wrestler, Terry Funk.



13 - Spike Dudley - A former 3rd grade school teacher from Rhode Island known for taking on opponents much bigger than himself. Has held the WWE Light Heavy weight, European, Hardcore(8 times) & Tag Titles (with Taz), also the ECW Tag Title (twice) with Balls Mahoney. Was the best man at Tommy Dreamer's wedding to Beulah and had a memorable appearance in the film Beyond the Mat.


14 - Bob Backlund - A wrestling legend who grew up in Princeton, Minnesota The man has forgotten more wrestling holds than most wrestlers will ever learn. Has held the WWWF title (which he won from Superstar Billy Graham) & the WWF Title (which he won from Bret Hart). At one time was pretty much the definition of what a fan favorite should be, that all changed in 1994 when he did a turn as a heel in a match against Bret Hart. Once ran legitimately as a congressman in Connecticut where he received 30% of the popular vote. Is legitimately known as one of the most intelligent men in wrestling.

14 - Bobby Eaton -"Beautiful" Bobby is one of the greatest tag team specialist to ever grace the ring, member of the infamous Midnight Express, he is a skilled singles competitor as well. Was trained by Tojo Yamamoto. Finishes his opponents off with his "Alabama Jammer" a leg drop off the top ropes.



14 - Eddie Gilbert - Son of Tommy & brother of Doug Gilbert, Eddie was trained by his father and wrestled for many years as a undercarder, never receiving a decent push until he entered the UWF. In Bill Watts’ UWF, Eddie became a manager/wrestler for such names as the Blade Runners (Sting and the Ultimate Warrior) & Rick Steiner among others. Wrestled in WCW, mostly known for being a great booker (being the first booker in the company which led to ECW), was the master of the fake babyface turn. Was married to Missy Hyatt. R.I.P. Eddie.



14 - Gorgeous George - Truly the original showman in wrestling, his flamboyant antics are the cornerstone of what wrestling is today, with his long platinum blonde locks he would be escorted by his valets to the ring, who would spray his opponent with perfume, he was the first wrestler to use entrance music (which by the way was "Pomp And Circumstance"...which would again be used some 40 years later by Randy "Macho Man" Savage.) A man truly ahead of his time.


18 - Tom Pritchard - The" Doctor" was trained by the legendary Iron Sheik, has held numerous titles including the WWE Tag Title which he held with Skip (Chris Candido) as the Body Donnas. Worked recently as an agent and trainer for the WWE. The actual brother of Brother Love (Bruce Pritchard). Recently did a shoot interview/training seminar with RF Video.



22 - Paul Ellering - "Precious" Paul is best known as the manager of the greatest tag team ever, The Road Warriors, or as the WWE repackaged Legion of Doom. Ellering has also been a competitor in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race and has had a nice singles grappling career, holding the AWA Southern World Heavy Weight and Tag Team championships as well. He was trained by the legendary Verne Gagne & Ed Sharkey. Finished career in WWE with two notable lows, the first being the holder of ventriloquist dummy Rocko, and the second being part of the horrible angle based on Hawk dealing with his “demons” culminating with Hawk’s “suicide” off the Titan Tron.

24 - Rocky Johnson - the "Soulman" was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia, he has held many titles throughout his career most notably the WWF Tag Team Championship with Tony Atlas. Father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.



24 - Vince McMahon - For a kid that didn't meet his biological father until the age of 12, VKM has done pretty well. He is the reason wrestling has transformed from a small regional controlled business into the world wide business juggernaut it is today. Like him or hate him (to paraphrase JBL) he is a marketing God!! (sans the XFL or the WBF) Chairman of the WWE and owner of" Balls the size of Grapefruits". Former WWE World Champion and the founder of the Vincent Kennedy McMahon Kiss My Ass Club.

25 - Ivan Koloff - the "Russian Bear" was one of the best heels to ever grace the squared circle. Ended the record breaking (8 year) WWWF title reign of Bruno Sammartino and won the NWA Tag Titles 5 times (twice with his nephew Nikita.) Almost every legendary grappler from the 60's, 70's & 80's has had his blood spilled by him.


27 - Sgt. Slaughter - One of the top draws in the history of wrestling, beloved by millions (especially kids who grew up watching him on the G.I. Joe cartoon). Trained by Verne Gagne he started out wrestling in the AWA as Super Destroyer Mark II and was managed by the now deceased "Lord" Alfred Hayes. Involved in a legendary tag match in the Carolinas with partner Don Kernoodle versus Jay Youngblood and Ricky Steamboat. The Sarge as held titles in the NWA & WWE including the WWE heavyweight title which he won from the Ultimate Warrior after supposedly turning his back on the USA and becoming an Iraqi sympathizer. Still works in the WWE behind the scenes.


31 - Jeff Hardy - The "Enigma" was trained by Dory Funk Jr. The man is literally a human highlight reel, one of the most highest risk takers ever to perform. Jeff and his brother Matt held the WWE Tag Team titles 5 times, plus he has held the WWE Intercontinental, European, Hardcore & Light Heavyweight titles as well. Now wrestles for NWA/TNA where he is a perennial contender for the Heavyweight title.




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