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Newsletter Apologizes for Mitchell Photo

Mon September 1, 2003

MINNEAPOLIS - The newsletter Pro-Wrestling Torch apologized to readers Monday for using a picture of Bruce Mitchell in its weekly dirtsheet covering all the gossip in the world of oiled-up men who pretend to hit each other.

This picture, not much bigger than a postage stamp, was near the top of Bruce Mitchell’s most recent editorial. The year-old photo showed Bruce in an open-lipped gape following an incident with an “awesome blossom” at a North Carolina Applebee’s chain restaurant. A color version of the picture was available through the PWTorch website (see graphic above).

The sloppy headshot elicited a deluge of complaints to the newsletter. In Monday's edition, intrepid assistant editor Jason Powell apologized, saying the picture should have been omitted or heavily edited with the use of Photoshop.

Powell compared the Mitchell picture to graphic images from the war in Iraq or Kane’s original burnt face.

"Newspapers in Minnesota and all over the world ran images they might otherwise not have run. But that was war and the war was news. The photo we ran in the newsletter was neither and I wish I had just run a file photo of Sean Waltman instead," Powell wrote in a response to a reader’s comment on the PWTorch message board system.


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